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When you buy, refinance or just look, Partners has lower prices and higher expertise.

When you buy, refinance or just look, Partners has lower prices and higher expertise. Partners mortgage specialists make a livelihood by gaining the confidence of members by offering the best mortgages available. Partners can help you get your house paid, from lump-sum credits to line of credit. Just contact us. One of the most intelligent ways for house owners to lend could be to use their home's capital.

A Partners Home equity options allows you to use your home as security to get a large amount of cash at a very competitive price. TrueStage Home Insurance Program will help you secure your home - and everything it contains - with cover tailored to be accessible to members of the CU. TrueStage offers members of the cooperative loan association free entry to the insurance policies taken over by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company - in addition to these beloved benefits:

It is part of a legacy of loyal services to members of the European Banking Community that spans more than 80 years. More than 17 million customers have chosen the TruStage product for AD&D, Live, Car & Home and more. TrueStage® Home Insurances are provided by TrueStage Insurances Agency, LLC and distributed by major insurers.

There is no security bond for the provided policy and it is not covered by federal health insurances. The cover is not for sale or guarantee by your cooperative. Comprehending how much capital you have in your home can help in many circumstances, such as for example for your own personal needs, real estate taxes, budgeting for the near term or other home loans such as Home equity Lines Of Credits.

If you are interested in a more detailed estimation, you can also ask for a free and non-binding quote with an agency in our HomeAdvantage programme HomeAdvantage? And if you want to buy a home, you're in luck because Partners has recently started a new property programme that is more profitable than ever. With Partners HomeAdvantage?, operated by CU Realty Services, you can browse MLS records on-line, browse neighbourhoods and find a realtor.

If so, work with one of our qualified brokers, who can put his many years of property expertise to work for you. Every agency undergoes a detailed pre-programme profile development procedure before being chosen to join the programme and meets Partners Home Mortgage's stringent service policy.

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