How much will I get for a Mortgage Loan

What will I get for a mortgage loan?

Total number of points paid to lower the interest rate of your mortgage. Their creditworthiness is calculated on your ability to repay your credit. But you can afford a house. Calculate how much your mortgage payments could be before you buy a home.


Max mortgage and montly payment computed? Once the computer is ready, you will receive a mortgage invoice in PDF form, which you can either download or download. A consultant can then find out exactly what the purchase of your new home would really mean and how much you can lend in a responsible manner.

Do you buy an old or newly built real estate? There is more to pay than just the amount of money you have to pay to buy a house. It is the nature of the real estate you are purchasing that influences the costs. If you buy a new building area, there are no valuation costs or land acquisition taxes to consider.

In the following example, the amount purchased is 200,000, with one loan guaranteed by the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). Mortgage that you can take out will depend on your personal earnings. With a mortgage, it's about adjustment. So the way you make your living affects how much you can lend.

Would you like to take out a mortgage or search for a real estate? Assuming so, it is wise to first see how much you can lend on the basis of your earnings. Your level of earnings is one of the determinants of the mortgage you can take out. What does our mortgage calculator do?

  • If you are an employed person, we will charge your mortgage on the basis of the amount of your employer's salary. - If you retire soon, we will consider both your present and your prospective earnings. If this is the case, both sources of revenue together define the amount you can pay for your real estate.

Therefore, we also consider your overall spending per month and assess how much of your per month revenue you can invest in your real estate. In order to assess this, we use the maximal mortgage charge or woon rate calculated each year by the Dutch National Institute for Family Finance Information (Nibud).

And the value of the real estate you want to buy also affects the mortgage you can take out. The security for your loan is your real estate. Real estate value also defines the mortgage that you can take out. The security for your mortgage is your real estate.

It is the value of the real estate that decides how much you can rent. So what's the fair value? - In the case of an inventory real estate, an expert ascertains the fair value of the real estate in an expert opinion. - If you are considering a refurbishment or change of use, the expert will determine the value of the real estate after its refurbishment or change of use.

When you buy a new building, its value is the total of its value: - Amount of the sale of the real estate (construction sum), inclusive of building interest. Bauzinsen are all interest that you are paying while the building is underway. It is the amount by which the mortgage interest rate payable differs from the interest you get on your building loan.

For interest losses we fix a limit of 4% of the total amount purchased plus overtime. By 2018 you can rent up to 100% of the value of your real estate. That means that you can no longer take up so-called buying expenses (costs koper) in your mortgage loan.

You have to spend the extra 6% on the power plants and the amount is kept in a building deposit. Is it possible to borrow the cost of a refurbishment or reconstruction from my mortgage? If you can or cannot incorporate refurbishment or reconstruction expenses into your mortgage loan strongly depend on the estimated value of the real estate after refurbishment or reconstruction.

Estimated value defines the amount of the mortgage you can obtain. A mortgage can be taken out for up to 100% of the new value of the real estate. Exchanging a cuisine because you don't like the color doesn't raise the estimate. There is no doubt that in this case the estimated value will rise.

For example, if you buy a new cook for 20,000 and the estimated value rises by 15,000, you can add that 15,000 to your mortgage. Carry the rest of the 5,000 euros yourself. When you can take out a mortgage for refurbishment or reversion, the corresponding part of the mortgage is deemed to be a building loan with which you can repay the refurbishment or reversion. Mortgage counsel?

Speak to a mortgage advisor. At one of our offices or conveniently from home via your computer or tray with webcam mortgage advice. Looking for a mortgage? Now, you need to find a mortgage.

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