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Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supports home ownership by households of all incomes. HUD assures mortgages for badly credited or financially troubled households and gives mortgages providers an inducement to lend to high risk borrower groups. HUD loans, as a kind of sub-prime mortgages, bear a singular array of benefits and drawbacks for the borrower, lender, state and company as a whole.

The HUD loans are for an important civil servant. Home ownership is an inherent part of the U.S. dreams, enabling family members to take root in a place they can call their own. Receiving a mortgages can be a challenge for people who have recently gone bankrupt or are in arrears with any kind of debts.

The HUD loans are intended for those who are financially responsible and dedicated to the restoration of their own personal reputations. HUD's Federal Housing Administration is the HUD arm that provides insurance for HUD loans. says the FHA has covered over 40 million mortgage loans since 1934. As HUD loans are usually granted to sub-prime borrower, the credit exposure is higher than with conventional unsecured loans.

The failure of mortgages has a detrimental effect on the borrower and the general population. Borrower who are in arrears run the danger of loosing their home and needing an apartment in a hurry. It can often be a serious issue, as mortgages usually fail at a point when the host cannot allow the host to pay a deposit on another home or apartment.

The HUD loans are covered by government funding, which means that the US public must repay the lender of the mortgages in the event of delay. In spite of the inherent dangers, HUD loans bring significant advantages to all participants. Bankers profit from opening up a niche that they would otherwise be reluctant to enter. Secured loans allow a bank to generate extra profit with little or no exposure to creditworthiness.

Home owners profit from the fact that they can educate their family in a safer and protected setting while working to enhance their financial situation. In difficult financial periods, HUD is able to provide its own mortgages. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act provided $1 billion for HUD to establish the Emergency Homeowners' Loan Program (EHLP), according to

Loans under the programme enabled HUD to circumvent bankers as a whole and offered direct help to the population.

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