Information needed for Mortgage

Mortgage information required

Visit Winston's Wish website and Twitter for more information. You have all the documents on this list, you will help us finish your mortgage faster. The information that describes the property you are buying:. Real estate information (if you already have a contract for a house). When you are after a mortgage, the lenders will want to see some information about you.

Documentation needed for subscription | Submission of your loans

When you sell your home, copy of the list agreement. When you have finished the sale of your house, copy of the billing extract (HUD-1). Subscribed present note (lender can deliver). Income taxes for companies or partnerships. Income taxes for the last three years (all schedules). Profit and loss account drawn up by an accounting officer from year to year.

When you own a rented property: Taxpayers statements for the last two years and recent leases. When you get social security: Letter at the price of social security. When you count children's allowance as income: A copy of the decree of separation. A copy of twelve month's cancellation of children's alimony cheques. Declaration of negative credentials, including:

Delayed payment, loan requests within the last 90 working days, write-offs, debt collection, judgements and/or pledges. Photograph identification and evidence of your social security number, your address from the last two years, a copy of your decision if you are not a resident, a copy of the front and back of your Visa.

Required documentation - Community mortgage

Required default documentation, if applicable: The last two years have seen the signing of declarations if they have been drawn up independently, on behalf of a family member or by a family member. The last 2 years trade taxpayer declarations if you own 25% or more of a company. Evidence of social security, retirement or invalidity incomes. Landlord contacts. We can give you the information of your broker or we can give you recommendations if necessary.

Guideline for mortgage applications documentation for the whole of Germany Public sector

While we can accommodate on-line salary statements in their orginal size, we cannot accommodate silkscreen print. The following is an example of a pay slip and the most important information. That must be your last pay slip. For more information, see the following chart. If you have a first name, please indicate it in your job description.

Your pay slip should have an adress that matches the adress on your job description. The name of your company must appear on your pay slip (including all removable parts). When your employer's name is not on the pay slip or account statement, you must specify your code 60. If you have notified us of any expenses, please add them to your request (e.g. students' credit payment or child care vouchers).

You must state your salary on the salary slip. On your payroll, your net wage must be shown. You must submit your last 3 month account history, from which the deposit will be indicated as overdue. You must submit your current annuity account / annuity provider's current annuity account / certificate, the latest annuity account or pillar 60.

Government pension You must present your proof of identity from the German Pension Fund (DWP). Normally we need to see your latest opinion, but we can ask more - up to 6 month according to your circumstance. Please note that we are accepting both hardcopy and on-line account extracts. The following is a sample account summary and the most important information.

Your declaration must include your full name or your first letters, your last name and your adress. Account Statements must be complete monthly extracts for the number of required monthly periods and must be submitted at the latest. The expenditure must correspond to the expenditure specified in the request (e.g. credits and debit cards). If you are applying for a mortgage from Nationwide, we may require extra evidence of your name and mailing details to check your identification.

We need to see three monthly declarations outside the United Kingdom and the EEA. We will not ask you to see a statement if we do not need to see your payment. Inside the UK - we won't have to see any account statement. Beyond the United Kingdom and the EEA, we must look at the declarations of the last six month.

On our Customer Identification page you can find out how to send us your names and addresses. Open from Mon to Fri: 8-18 (weekends and holidays closed), or go to your nearest office.

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