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Explore construction financing and mortgages with ING. Some of the things that have made ING Direct popular with many borrowers is that they do not charge lender fees or points for their mortgages. One is one of America's largest mortgage lenders.

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Which documentation is necessary for the mortgage request? A photocopy of the ownership certificate of the property to be acquired/pledged. The following additional documentation is needed, depending on the type of employment: Is the Housing Finance System (Mortgage)? A mortgage is a long-term mortgage securitized by a pledge on the property, and it is one of the most widely used funding techniques for property purchase worldwide.

This system is built on specially founded financing institutes, in particular banking institutes, which grant long term mortgages, e.g. 30 years, against a pledge on the property. Is it still possible to keep paying TL by paying my mortgage in a different denomination? While you may have taken out your current mortgage in US dollars, euros or another currencies, you may no longer wish to take the exposure of your mortgage.

If this is the case, you can translate the amount into TL when you transfer your mortgage. And who can use the quarterly mortgage? The quarterly payment mortgage is only available to our clients who can draw their pensions from us (every three months) or transfer them to our bank.

Is it possible to obtain credit for real estate without a real estate certificate? What is the procedure for determining the value of the real estate in the mortgage system? Which are the most important issues to be considered by buyers who want to buy a real estate? Whereas the instalment amount for fixed-rate mortgages remains constant throughout the entire maturity period, the instalment amount changes in line with the index for index-based variable-rate mortgages.

What credits are contained in the Mortgage Act within the framework of residential construction financing? The granting of a loan for the sale of a real estate asset, the lease of a real estate asset to the consumer, the granting of a loan by way of security of the real estate asset they own, and the granting of a loan to repay their current loan to the consumer fall within the field of home financing.

When I transfer my mortgage, what should I bear in mind? Your current mortgage is subject to the following conditions: whether or not your mortgage is refinanced to your advantage depends on the circumstances of your mortgage and prevailing business rates. Is it possible to lower the interest when I transfer my mortgage? You can then lower the interest when you transfer your mortgage.

Is it possible to reduce or prolong the duration of the transfer of my mortgage? If you wish, you can reduce or prolong the duration of your mortgage depending on the amount of the instalment you can make. Is it possible to reduce or raise my mortgage payments when I transfer my mortgage? As you transfer your mortgage, you can reduce or raise your rates according to your actual balance to repay your debts in less than one month.

Is it possible to mortgage? When you feel that the mortgage you have taken out no longer benefits you by modifying the terms of the mortgage or your own terms, you can mortgage it.

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