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A pure interest mortgage allows you to pay only the monthly interest for the term of the loan. Retail customer interest Only mortgages £423,765, due over 16 years, first at a 1.69% fix interest for 2 years and then at our current standard variable interest of 5.2% for the remainder 14 years. Twenty-seven months' pay of 597.

21 and then 164 months' pay of 1,834.13 plus a closing of 831.94 pounds would be required.

To be paid in full would be 743,992.93, consisting of the principal plus interest (318,753.93), processing charge (499), appraisal charge (740), CHAPS/telegraphic charge (40) and safety charge (195). An example is provided for illustration only. It' re representive of our entire spectrum of personal interests, just mortgage loans.

Once you have refine your results with the above tab pages, this example is no longer indicative.

A Legal & General Inks transaction to support debtors who are only interested in interests.

ATTENTION: A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail adress before you can start your evaluation version. Choose at least one of your main interests: Your private sphere is taken seriously. We use your personally identifiable information to manage your accounts and to deliver the goods and service you have asked us for, as described in our Data Protection Policy.

A new interest rate mortgages only started for tens of thousands of 55-80 year old prisoners - how it works.

Elderly homeowners will get more credit opportunities as a bausparkasse introduces a new set of mortgage products to the mortgage markets that are only for pension interest. The Leeds building association said it is stepping into the open with the new agreements being made available first through intermediaries. Which are pure interest rate mortgage loans? Only interest rate mortgage loans allow individuals to make periodic interest rate repayments on a mortgage without having to pay the mortgage themselves - but the principal must ultimately be disbursed.

Loans from 55 to 80 years old will be available for Leeds' new mortgage products. The borrower must prove that only interest payments can be made during the entire duration of the credit. There are three deals available from Finance Leasing at two, three or five year interest rate. Transactions have a 55% LTV limit.

Said that as individuals lived longer, they would pursue more agile careers and spend longer in retired life. "This is why these new loans are only available through intermediaries for the time being. "Before the end of this year, we are planning to bring pure annuity insurance to the market via our dedicated subprime group. Along with an elderly populace, other mortgagors have also sought to expand the choice of older borrower options.

The nationwide Building Society grants loans to pensioners up to the ages of 85 and has also introduced a Lifetime Mortgages Mortgage Equity Release to the market. Swiss Post has recently introduced a new hypothec by the name of Retirement Link, which allows people who are retiring to choose a pure interest rate or a capital repayment plan. Up to the year of 90 it is granted for the redemption options and up to the year of 80 only for interest.

L&C Martgages Deputy Principal David Hollingworth said: "Only pension interest rates have the capacity to provide older borrower with an alternate choice to a conventional maturity or lifelong hypothec. "Find out more about the best loans in the MoneySupermarket, here.

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