Interest only Loan Amortization Calculator

Only interest loans amortization calculator

Sometimes you can get a negative amortization with a pure interest loan. Draw up a repayment schedule for your pure interest mortgage. You use this calculator to determine your monthly payment and redemption schedule.

Interest-independent period & user-defined redemption schedule - Support Center

In comparison to a fully amortised loan, this results in lower montly repayments during the pure interest term and higher montly repayments after the word. A further possibility to think about a pure interest rate horizon is that it corresponds to the addition of a residual amount of 100% for the length of the pure interest rate horizon.

To open the amortization pop-up, click on the bubble symbol () to the right of the amortization item (see below). Adjust the required length, in month, of the pure interest rate area. calculates the amortization plan automaticly for the remainder of the time. It is not necessary to click "Add" under "Amortization Plan" unless you want to make extra adjustments to the amortization plan (see below).

A further feature within the Amortization pop-up window is to include user-defined items on the amortization plan to determine the main residual amount at each point in the process by hand. In this way, you can generate a segmentated repayment plan in which the program will calculate various monetary repayments (of capital and interest) depending on how much of the borrower's capital is to be disbursed at a given point in and out.

Remember that this is not a repayment plan, but that you want the borrowers to have repaid a certain amount at a certain time during the life of the loan. For this purpose, type in the months for which you wish to insert the residual capital account and click on "Add".

A point is added to the redemption plan where you can specify the main residual amount (% or $ amount) to be disbursed by the borrowers. First, we append an adaptation point to the amortization plan after 24 month. This point is added where it would be on a straight-line amortization plan.

Here you can modify the value of this point on the basis of the percent or amount of dollars of the capital left to modify the amortization plan. You can then repeat this procedure to include as many points as necessary in your amortization plan as shown below.

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