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The management of investment property can have a real impact on your mortgage rates. Mortgage as an investment - advantages of ownership. Just as important are the interest rates and conditions of your new mortgage. Find out how mortgage points can help you pay less for your home.

Getting an investment home refinanced | Finances

Real estate investors held as financial investors could seek refinancing in 2013 and benefit from low interest rates. Increasing real estate tax rates, ancillary charges and increasing non-life insurances mean that investment real estate investors must seize every available chance to lower their outlays. Reducing your interest is one way to lower your total amount of mortgages you will receive each month.

Receive a free copy of your on-line Transunion, Equifax and Experian loan reports. Creditors are stricter when it comes to granting real estate investment credits, and the borrower must have a high level of creditworthiness. You should have a rating of 650 or higher to get the best possible interest rates. Check your loan history and consult the loan bureau if you find any errors.

Use this function to determine the lending rate of your investment properties by subtracting your actual mortgages from the value of the investment properties. If, for example, the actual investment is $300,000 and the real estate value is $450,000, split $300,000 by $450,000 to maintain your lending rate of 66.7 per cent.

Creditors are looking for a low loan-to-value and an investment with a 75 per cent share or more will find it difficult to qualify for a mortgage. Create a consolidated P&L account showing the company's revenues and expenditures for each year. Compute the gearing of the investment properties by splitting the entire year' s expenditure by the entire year' s revenue.

If, for example, your overall yearly spending is $5,500 and your overall $12,000 in GDP, your gearing is 46 per cent. Every creditor and every credit programme has its own set of rules for accepting indebtedness rates. E.g., the Federal Home Credit Mortgage Corporation, better known as Freddie Mac, accepts a 45 per cent borrower -to-income relationship depending on your general conditions.

You should consult the relevant banking institution where you have an investment and find out about the conditions for funding your investment real estate. Compile your W-2 statement and your statement of accounts to confirm your earning power. Institutions and cooperatives provide the best interest rates, so please get in touch with them first if your rating is above 700 and your debt/income and LTV rates are low.

Check the details of the refinancing and comparison process and choose the best one.

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