Investment home Loan Rates Comparison

Comparison of investment apartment loan interest rates

Investors Housing loans Interest rates The Economy Home Loan is only available for newcomers to banking and is not available for refinancing or restructuring BOQs. Interest rates and rebates are valid from 10 September 2018 and may be changed at any date. Rebates negotiated at the moment of your request will not be changed and will remain in effect unless you modify your loan.

This 2-year intro installment variable home loan is only available for credits with a $150,000 loan amount or higher and a 90% limit on your total loan amount. In the case of building mortgages, your loan is handled as a pure interest loan during the building phase and the relevant valid interest rates are applied.

A 2-year introduction rebate has also been granted during the building work. Only available for new home loan products and not for refinancing or restructuring BOQs. Temporary offer for investment housing loan from 07.02.2018, available only for new credits to banks.

Unavailable for pure interest rate credits. Unavailable for refinancing or restructuring BOQ loan, housing loan or self-managed superior funds loan. At least $150,000 in new credit. Rebate under this promotion will remain until you ask us to change your loan. Interest rates on prepaid loan can be reset each year for a period of up to 5 years.

In order to be eligible for the Home Loan Privileges Package (HLPP), you must borrow and manage a Home Loan (Standard Variable or Fixed Rate) or Line of Credit and an authorized transactions bankroll. Services cannot be used in connection with or in complement to other parcels, interest rates agreed or promotions.

is only available for new construction financing and is not available for refinancing or restructuring BOQs. Only available for principal and interest loans. Interest rates may differ depending on the type of loan used. On request, a charge block can be applied to ensure the original 100-day flat price.

Qualifying top-up requests will be subject to the interest rates or parcel levels specified in your initial credit plan (if applicable).

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