Investment Loan Options

Options for investment loans

Favourite credit options for investment properties. A Fixed (Investor, IO) is a sharp fixed interest rate for investors who need a pure interest rate option. Team can help you go through the options with you.

Real estate financing investment - rental apartments, duplex, fourplex, holiday homes

Property owners have different objectives for the property they acquire, and at First Castle we recognise that these different objectives require different funding options. - There are many people who are interested in buying a second home here in Louisiana, either as a holiday resort or perhaps for a kid at school.

Since every investment loan is one-of-a-kind, we can help you with all your issues and go through all your mortgages options. Certain kinds of real estate may not be available for an investment mortgage: timeshare, cooperatives, some prefabricated houses and B&Bs. Should you wish to fund any of these kinds of real estate, please call us at (985) 867-8867 so we can discuss alternative options.

Headquartered right here in Covington, LA, First Castle knows our home markets well and is in the midst of making our Louisiana communities a success. Our investment real estate loan product has been designed to give you as a real estate developer the financial options you need. It gives us the funding you need and, as a one-stop provider, it gives us full power over the decisions that make the approvals quicker.

Today, if you are interested in an investment real estate, call us at (985) 867-8867 to discuss your investment mortgages options.

housing loan

Would you like to buy a second home? No matter whether you are looking for a second home, an investment house to generate an additional revenue stream or a holiday home, you need the right loan to achieve your objectives. There are several different types of loan to choose from according to your particular circumstances.

The choice of the right one, with the best interest rate and the cheapest cost is crucial for a good investment. You can structure your deposit in several ways to give you the fastest and best ROI for your investment. A lot of persons have even qualifed for a deposit of less than 20%.

With our help, you can go through the options with our staff. Should you buy an Investment Home? Are you considering purchasing an investment property? A lot of individuals have done just that, choosing investment property to help diversity their portfolios. You have probably already listened to tales of those who buy a house, renovate it and resell it at a higher cost.

Since you cannot use public schemes for this kind of loan, a traditional loan is the best one. Your loan structures may differ according to your particular circumstances, but there may be options to reduce your deposit to below 20%. But your approval is one of the ample part that feeling the curiosity charge you get.

What's the best credit for me? If you are making an investment from a second home, the interest that you will get is one of the most important determinants of your loan. During a free session, we recommend that you inform yourself about the nature of your loan and the options available to you.

With US lending, you get more than just a loan. Our company is solution-oriented, always looking for qualifications and ways to build homes for everyone we see. It is our fascination to help individuals make their home owner dream come true. Our goal is to make your home a reality.

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