Investment Property Loan Comparison

Comparison of Investment Property Loans

Whilst we offer a variety of goods, suppliers and utilities, we do not offer all the goods, suppliers or utilities available on the markets. Whilst we offer a variety of goods, suppliers and utilities, we do not offer all the goods, suppliers or utilities available on the markets. Your use of the information contained on this website may not meet your individual goals, your finances, or your needs. Before making a purchasing or application determination for a particular item, please review whether it is appropriate for your circumstance.

When considering purchasing a finance instrument, you should review and review the appropriate Disclosure Statement or other offering documentation before making any investment decisions.

Real Estate Investments, Construction Financing & Mortgages

Would you like to buy your investment property? Investment in real estate is a favorite and steady way to build assets. 1.7 million Australians own at least one investment property. A real estate professional can help you find the right home loan to make sure your investment is viable and works for you.

There are a number of credit facilities available, among them our fixed-rate and variable-rate credit facilities, interest-only facilities and our own funds facilities. Our services cover all aspects of real estate investment, as well as advising on capital flows, fiscal liabilities and adverse gearings. Many financing possibilities are available to you according to your specific investment circumstances.

Together with you, we can prepare and discuss property and real estate surveys to help you make an educated decision.

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So do you want to learn how to make money from the rental property mart? Good news is that the Aussie real estate markets have been a major investment in the past, with good utilisation*, especially in the major cities. There are four things to keep in mind when you build your real estate investment pipeline. You have three ways to make a living investing in real estate:

By selling the property for more than you pay for it, you make a profit on your investment. A number of credit providers provide home loan products specifically for real estate buyers, so it's a good idea to explore your choices or contact a reputable real estate agent to help you customize your home loan to your particular needs. You can, for example, consider using the own funds that you have accumulated in an investment property to purchase an investment property, or taking over a loan for interest only.

A pure interest rate loan can be an appealing alternative for real estate developers, as the interest component of a loan is tax-deductible in contrast to capital. When you let the property, costs associated with the search for renters and the maintenance of the property can also be subject to taxation. If you are buying a property for investment, you need to do your research.

Either way, you should consider all possible expenses in the near term - for example, a run-down property may need to be updated soon. Like any investment, it is important to coordinate with your finance advisor to establish clear objectives and a budget to achieve them. Be sure to consider your own circumstances and any fiscal impact before purchasing any investment property.

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