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NJ & NY's mortgage representatives at Investors Bank are committed to helping clients realize their dream of owning their own home. Investors offers a wide range of exceptional portfolio mortgage products for every lifestyle.

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The Investors Bank invites you to take advantage of our broad portfolio of private, small and corporate customer products such as current deposits, saving deposits, mortgage loans and more. You can also use the bank either on-line or at one of our offices in New Jersey and New York. 2018 Investors Bank. The Investors Bank name and the Weave emblem are hallmarks of Investors Bank.

Mortgages provided by Investors Home Mortgage, a 100% affiliate of Investors Bank, and under license from the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance and the NY Department of Financial Services. The New York State Department of Financial Services does not authorize this website. This website does not accept mortgage requests for real estate in the State of New York.

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The Investors Bank provides a large selection of variable and floating interest rates for every lifestyle. Besides the conventional compliant mortgage product offerings of Fannie Mae (FNMA), we provide many other mortgage related offerings and related support as well. Ensuring that you are satisfied with your monetary payments is an extremely important one.

The choice of credit products is directly related to the way you make your monetary contributions. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our professionals to talk about all your possibilities in detail.

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He enjoyed working with Jeff and his teammates throughout the mortgage lifecycle. Very recommendable! Mr. Kapnick was really astonishing. As Jeff reassured us, the whole mortgage thing was stress-free. Thank you for making Jeff so comfortable. Worked with Jeff on a mortgage for a second home.

All in all a trouble-free and uncomplicated procedure. And the whole trial went well. And I would very much appreciate the services and I am very satisfied with them. Very recommendable!!!!!!!

Worked at Investors Home Mortgage: staff evaluations

I' ve worked with and bumped into amazing guys at this firm. Our employees here are both hard-working and relaxed. It is a somewhat short-sighted approach, focusing mainly on financials and not on client services or the welfare and remuneration of its hard-working employees. Folks were kind and the managements very effective.

Home Mortgage Investors is one of the best employers. I' m in the midst of great men who have become my families. My employees have got to know my own relatives, that's how much I like the way I work. The most difficult part of my work is to get a debtor to commit to signing something for his credit after he closes, because once the credit is closed, they start to think they've closed everything, and that's not necessarily so.

It takes advantage of working there by organising staff meetings and the firm as a whole is strongly integrated into the communities in which it actually cares for its clients. All in all a beautiful workplace, but hard to get along with certain persons. It had to be to sit at work at 6 o'clock in the morning.

Appointed to a credit clerk job, but ended up being an administrative secretary, which is not my backdrop.

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