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Loan interest rates

Fixed-rate mortgages only. The IO loan looks too good to be true at first sight. The monthly payments with an IO loan are significantly lower than with a fixed-rate mortgage (FRM). Optional fields for taxes, insurance, PMI and association fees are also included. "Only interest" is an option that can be added to almost any credit product.

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"Interest only" is an add-on that can be added to almost any credit instrument. Floating interest and floating interest mortgage credits can be equipped with a pure interest paying facility. In the case of fixed-rate mortgages, the pure interest term is usually between one and ten years - i.e. you can decide to just make your due interest payments per month and not have to make a lump sum repayment.

However, if you decide to just owe interest, your credit will not be deducted during this amount of work. If the pure interest rate is expiring, you then make a repayment that was charged to withdraw the mortgage over the remainder of the life of the loan. Example, if you had an interest rate - only for the first 5 years of a 30-year mortgage, your new payout must be high enough to settle the 25 year account in 25 years.

It is referred to as a fully amortising payout and can be significantly higher than your interest - just pay. Generally, the longer the interest - only the interest horizon, the higher your payout will be if the interest - only the interest horizon will expire. Floating interest rates usually have a pure interest term of one to ten years.

At the end of the pure interest term, you are liable for the fully amortised montly sums. But variable interest rates differ from static interest rates in that there is an initial static interest term that may or may not match your pure interest term. At the end of your initial fixed-interest term, you can determine interest and repayment volatility when you disburse your main account balance.

Discover and comprehend your home savings and financing solutions.

Whether it's taking root, helping your loved ones or ensuring your continued success, your Merrill Lynch Bank of America consultant and credit expert can offer you the consulting and support you need. You' get a mortgage package that fits in with your overall finance policy and a mortgage cycle that is administered from start to finish by a Bank of America creditor.

Getting the right mortgage can be a key factor in successfully developing and maintaining your assets. They can help you find the right mortgage to meet your home ownership objectives, or a homeowner allowance line of credit to help finance home improvement, student fees and other important acquisitions. When evaluating your mortgage option, you gain exposure to a broad array of Bank of America funding offerings, which include static and floating mortgage rates.

Our consultant considers your overall financials, which include your investment, your saving and other assets/liabilities. Our personalised finance strategies are meticulously reviewed to help you make sound choices and pursue what is important to you. In collaboration with a Bank of America Wealth Management Lending Officer, we can help you leverage your mortgage lending capabilities under objectives such as..:

Our advisors provide you with flexibility and Bank of America's cutting-edge services, tailored to your long range operational needs and objectives. Together, we can help you refinance your home, buy a new one or help your relatives achieve their home ownership objectives.

To find the right mortgage to suit your needs, please consult a free mortgage adviser who will supplement your existing portfolio and help you achieve your objectives. Obtaining this materials does not mean that you have been pre-qualified or accredited for any Bank of America products or services. The Mortgage 100® and Parent Power and Parent Power programmes involve the pledging of qualifying various single-person held uncertificated bonds held by Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (Member, Securities Investor Protection Corporation[SIPC]).

They may not be appropriate for everyone, and a failure of your mortgage could lead to the forfeiture of both your home and the pawned bonds. If the value of the security interests collateralised falls below a certain threshold (as indicated in the credit documents), it may be necessary to lodge extra asset deposits and/or realise asset values.

At Merrill Lynch we may cash some or all of the assets in your bank without contact with you. There is no right to an extended deadline to fulfill aateral call or to select which assets in your trading book will be offered to fulfill theateral call. Mortgages may not be deductable if tax-exempt liabilities are pawned as security, contact your accountant.

Trades within the 100% Finance Program brokers accounts are restricted. Bank, mortgage and homeowner insurance provided by Bank of America, N.A. and related financial institutions, members of FDIC and wholly-owned affiliates of Bank of America Corporation. Loans and securities are requiring authorisation. Programmes, rates, policies and prices are changeable without prior notification.

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