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Section 11 Petition, Downward Movement Can Eventually Closing Books on Former Mortgage Facility of Abandoned Economy | Turnaround Consulting | Financial Advisory

Mortgage Corp. submitted July 8 for U.S. Bankruptcy Code Chapter 11 protections to help an older company previously associated with Irwin Financial Corp. carry out a proper winding up after almost five years in wind-down state. Presently held by First Financial Bancorp.

First Financial Bank NA, through the September 2009 arrangement of this entity to acquire substantially all of the property of the unsuccessful Irwin Union Bank and Trust Co. in Dublin, Ohio, Irwin Mortgage, received in its 11 September 2009 submission US$ 10 million to US$ 50 million in aggregate property and US$ 50 million to US$ 100 million in debt.

In September 2006, Irwin Financial divested the manufacturing arm and head office of the mortgage provider to Freedom Mortgage Corp. in a transaction that later formed the foundation for pending legal disputes between the purchaser and vendor. Among the following disposals were Irwin Mortgage's mortgage service privileges to several undisclosed purchasers and the service activities to New Century Financial Corp. only a few month before the former sub-prime power plant filed for insolvency in April 2007.

Mortgage, a financial division of Irwin Financial that was divested from the end of 2006 until the first financial deal in September 2009, continued to operate in mortgage backed insurance through vermont-owned Irwin Reinsurance Corp. In a statement by the Fred Caruso District Courts, Irwin Mortgage President and Chief Restructuring Officer, Fred Caruso, said that First Financial had acquired its turn-around company, Development Specialists Inc.

in 2010, to support various lawsuits, as well as the evaluation of the Company's finances, to provide advice on decisions regarding receivables and disposals of assets, and possibly to help file for insolvency. "Chapters 11 registration (a) grants domestic justice for the effective and efficient handling of the many lawsuits against IMC, many of which are before state and federal tribunals throughout the state; and (b) enables IMC to act as a borrower with skilled and informed debt managers to help with winding up and administering claims," Caruso explained.

The three receivables were characterised by Irwin Mortgage as quota, not liquidated, disputed pending set-off. MidFirst's and EverBank's receivables can also be hedged for recourse of USD 13 million and USD 2.6 million, respectively. In its latest Form 10-K financial statement, First Financial stated that Irwin Mortgage had obtained - and then denied - applications from an undisclosed other party to buy back RV loan assets with a total of approximately $169 million in outstanding debt.

It also stated that Irwin Mortgage had set up a provision'deemed appropriate to resolve all outstanding buy-back problems with EverBank' under the parties' 2006 Mortgage Services SPA. EverBank claimed that the loss could be in excess of US$ 10 million. Regarding the Freedom Mortgage controversy, First Financial revealed in the 10-K that it had participated in talks with the creditor and the FDIC while it further investigated the issue.

In the 10-K, First Financial reasoned that the FDIC Assets Acquisition Contract contained a compensation provision relating to certain rights against Irwin Union Bank and its former affiliates for lawsuits filed on or before 18 September 2009, and as such should apply to litigation relating to the buyback of Irwin mortgages.

Caruso's statement states that from September 2009 to February 2011, First Financial provided uncovered advance payments of approximately $2.4 million to finance the business activities of Irwin Mortgage. It was at this point that the EIB signed a secure credit line with a combined capability of just over US$3 million to finance the dismantling of the Irwin Mortgage. Its mortgage lender pulled $1. 2 million on the collateralized plant, an amount that was completely paid back in June by a part of $3. 8 million Irwin Reinsurance Corp. Dividends that had been authorized by the Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration.

Most of Irwin Mortgage's dividends were paid by Irwin Reinsurance. An application for insolvency of Irwin Mortgage is still pending before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

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