Items needed to Apply for a Mortgage

Elements required to apply for a mortgage

Use the following documentation list as a general guide only. Below is a preliminary list of the items we need from all borrowers for your financing application. A documentation that checks these factors is required when applying for the loan. Keep yourself informed about mortgage offers.

Articles required for the mortgage application

Filling out the mortgage request is easy with the help of one of our consultants. To ensure prompt delivery, we suggest that you pick up the following items as soon as possible. Such items are needed for all borrower of the credit. The mortgage adviser will guide you on how best to transfer these items to PMA and will be pleased to go through this checklist with you and reply to any queries you may have.

Copy of your last paychecks for the last four weeks. The last two month of your account statement for all current, saving or brokerage account. The latest excerpts for all age groups. A copy of the latest mortgage statement for all your mortgage repayments.

Where appropriate, information on real estate held as a financial investment: including a copy of lease contracts. Where you are separate or are divorced, you should provide a copy of your judgment of division or contract of division. You should also provide documents on subsistence benefits, children's allowance or severance pay if you have to make a payment or if you are receiving incomes.

Evidence of this earning can be a copy of the judicial order to obtain payment or collected cheques for the previous year. Please note: There is no need to disclose subsistence, living expenses or severance pay if you (or a co-obligor) do not decide to consider them for repayment of this credit.

You must have a copy of your tender application from the awarding authority if you want to receive retirement, invalidity, social security or other official support as part of your earnings. Anyone who has been in receivership, levy of execution or other judgment against you in the last seven years must provide information regarding the procedure.

Mortgage application form for which you must apply for a mortgage

You have found a new home and are now willing to apply for a mortgage. It is entirely natural to be a little concerned about the mortgage request processing, especially if you are a home purchaser for the first and foremost. Below are the kinds of documentation you generally need when you apply for your credit.

Dependent on the kind of home loans you are requesting, and your personal circumstances, you may also need: It' re made to give you a general feel for the kind of things that you may need to apply for a mortgage. Plus, this checklist will allow you to collect what you need for the mortgage claim processing ahead of schedule so that things can go off without a hitch if you are willing to continue with the pursuit of a home loans.

Are you interested in finding out more about how to prepare to apply for a home loans? If you have any further queries regarding the job interview procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

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