Jumbo Fixed Mortgage

Fixed-rate Jumbo Mortgage

Find out more about Jumbo loans and find a Jumbo mortgage for your dream home. Mortgage advisors can help you choose the jumbo loan that best suits your current needs and long-term goals. Benefit from our tool to estimate your Jumbo mortgage payments.

Which are Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans?

Axos Bank is a leading multi-million home mortgage lender and an authority on large scale lending and the development of tailor-made mortgage solutions: Which are Jumbo and Super Jumbo Lending? The Jumbo and Super Jumbo offers the versatility of taking out credit with fewer limitations. Jumbo lending can also be the right choice when funding an exisiting home improvement mortgage or consolidation of more than one mortgage into a sole one.

In general, a mortgage is regarded as a jumbo credit if it crosses the compliant $453,100 credit line in most U.S. states, established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A super jumbo mortgage usually involves mortgage payments of over $1 million. What makes Axos Bank the market leader in jumbo credit?

Fixed-rate Jumbo credits

I will not put you in a position where I don't feel at ease when you are there, no matter what it means for our business". Finding a mortgage clerk was straightforward, Michelle was our option. Your instruction and your wisdom made the procedure as straightforward as possible.

I began my Ralph in Central America with Tiger Ice because we had to extend our plant. Talking to Ralph in Central America, he was quite direct with us and said we had to go back to the drawboard. Do not tell you what you want to listen to, they tell you the reality and that is what we did not get from other bank.

They are always directly with me on every stage of the way, which helps me to get the best credit products and the best prices whenever I am willing to construct. And the whole trial went very smoothly. "I think you were very good at explaining the trial to us and feeling very good about it, especially Jeanie Byland.

I will not put you in a position where I don't feel at ease when you are there, no matter what it means for our business". Michelle took us under her thumb six years ago next week. That Michelle is standing next to us and is leading us through and not letting us in on something that could get us into big difficulties means the whole thing.

Thank you Michelle and we are very happy to be able to work with her and her group. "One of the most important things I liked about Michelle was that she was so organised. But Michelle was always really simple and we would always be talking to her, even if it was for a few mins.

Best of all, the whole thing was very, very smooth."

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