Latest Housing Loan interest Rates

Current interest rates for housing loans

Ratio of loans to real estate value : Interest rates for housing loans - Government 6 month discount4. 18 month fixation4. Thirty-nine percent p.a. 36 -month firm SRP4.

48 month discount4. 60 month price fixed5. At least 20% own capital or an average value of 80% or less in the securities real estate apply. Floating interest loans5. 90% p.a. Fix 6 months5.

25% p.a. Fix 12 months4. 59% p.a. Fix 18 months4. 79% p.a. 24 month fixed4. 75% p.a. Fix 36 months4. Forty-eight months5. 35% p.a. Fix 60 months5. 49% p.a. Low Equity Margin (LEM) is an interest rate spread that is applied if you take up more than 80% of the value of the real estate.

01/01% 1. 5% p.a. At any point six month after the date of first call, you may demand a decrease or deletion of the low equity margin applied to a Facilities. It will be determined on the base of your current application based on your current ADR.

Your Low Equity Margin will be reviewed regularly with your local regulator to make sure it continues to apply to your institution. You will be notified in advance of any changes to or withdrawal of your Low Equity Margin. Interest shall be charged each day on the amount exceeding the stipulated ceiling or the stipulated reduction ceiling of the Facilities, at the prevailing interest rates of the Facilities plus 5.

Facilities interest plus 5. Already recorded fixed-rate mortgages with recorded interest rates are brought forward for up to 60 calendar days from the date of the loan documentation. There may also be an advisor's filing fees, a low capital mark-up and a charge for adjusting early redemption. The interest rates are changeable at any moment without prior notification.

As soon as you take out a home loan at a set interest rates, however, the interest does not vary during the period you choose. Charges may be changed at any moment. Our housing loan award guidelines govern all housing loan agreements. A low margin may be applied to credits with less than 20% own capital.

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