Loan Programs for Investment Property

Lending programmes for investment property

JOURgage - Our exclusive program gives you control over your mortgage. An investment programme can finance an investment property - even if you already own one or more investment properties. Property can be a good investment. Rent & Investment Property Loans.

Institutional Financing to improve the return on investment.

Real estate loans held as financial investments

There is no question that property can be a great investment to accumulate long-term asset value and earn rent. However, what is the best way to fund your property deal? The following functions are included in our investment property loan program: We accompany you through the construction financing procedure with our expertise and extraordinary services.

Loan applications are submitted in accordance with the loan approvals and the terms and conditions of the loan programme. In the case of floating interest mortgage lending, the interest rates are floating and may rise or fall each year after the original floating interest term due to changes in an index.

Loans for investments, house land, rental properties Global equity financing

For creditors, property that is not the principal or second home of a owner of a home is investment property. Funding these objects can be a challenge, but also an exceptionally worthwhile one. There are many reasons to buy an investment property. Often a purchaser buys the property with the intention of making a prospective gain by renting or selling the house.

You can also make investments to take advantage of fiscal advantages or expand your investment book. Whatever your reasons for purchasing an investment property, the entire investment property acquisition procedure demands careful planning and a keen understanding of your objectives and funding opportunities. The policies and rules for real estate investment credits differ from those for prime mortgage lending because they are generally more stringent.

After all, investment naturally involves more risks than a conventional house buy. A seasoned financier such as Global Equity Finance can work with you to comprehend your investment property objectives and then choose an optimal funding options tailored to your unique wishes and needs. Offering the opportunity to turn your investment into a rented property or a prospective property sales, the house can offer you significant capital flows.

If you own an investment property, you may be entitled to preferential taxation, such as the deduction of interest on mortgages, property and land duties. By owning an investment property, you can expand and diversity your investment portfolio. What's more, you can also invest in a variety of other properties. The qualification for an investment loan is different from the qualification for a prime or subordinated loan.

Stricter rules on ineligibility make this procedure more complicated for many borrower. Since investment property is associated with more risks and a shortage of insurances, higher creditworthiness, further documenting of earnings and wealth as well as a higher down payment (around 20%) are necessary. Previous knowledge of property administration is also a prerequisite for many creditors.

High interest levels, higher down payment and other loan processing fees can make investment property funding more costly. All investment property is not financially viable. It is possible to take out a line of credit for your home and use the capital to fund your investment property. If you use a HELOC, the homeowner's present address becomes a collateral for his new property, so it is important to discuss this with a mortgages consultant who can help clarify and accompany the procedure.

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