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Low-price NJ home buying program. Find out about our list of low and no deposit mortgage options. You can refinance today without closure costs, points or credit fees.

Colombia Bank - Low Price Home Purchase Program

Are you looking for a cheap mortgage to buy a home? Columbia Bank's $475 Low Price Home Shopping Programme is the right option for you! Columbia Bank combines certain handling and completion charges with a competitively priced annual percentage rate of charge and a reduced service pack at a non-refundable fee of only $475.

Consider this... our low formation fee will take deal with your valuation, flooding certificate, mortgage information, property taxes, security assurance (both for the creditor and for the borrower)* and mortgage registration fees. An annual interest of 4.395% at an interest of 4.375% would necessitate 360 disbursements of $5.00 per $1,000, made on the basis of a $350,000 debt.

Insurances and tax are not inclusive. Have you already launched your credit request? As part of this programme, Columbia Bank will choose an appropriate securities insurer, currently First Jersey Titles Services, Inc. Temporary Special Available to Buy 1-4 Apartments in New Jersey.

Programme unavailability is restricted to the purchasing of cash mortgage with a max retail value of $99999,999. Purchasing operations liable to "residence tax" are forbidden. At least $100,000 in loans. 750,000 limit on the amount of the loans. The prices given are based on a credit-value relationship of 80% and a rating of 740.

There are several determinants that determine your real estate installment, which include, but are not restricted to, your exposure class, exposure amount, real estate category, your exposure value, and real estate value. PMI (private mortgage insurance) may be necessary according to Columbia Bank's borrowing policies. When a PMI is needed, the mortgage assurance premiums can raise the annual percentage rate of charge and the mortgage payments per month.

As such, all borrowings are to be approved in accordance with Columbia Bank's terms of reference. The annual percentage rate of charge is calculated using a $350,000 borrowing amount for borrowings up to $417,000 and $750,000 for borrowings from $417,001 to $750,000. The offering of credits is conditional upon the granting of credits.

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