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A city seeks a murderer (1931) A futurist town, split between the working classes and urbanists, the town' mastermind's boy loves a working-class prophesy who prophesies the arrival of a saviour to communicate their difference. The cellulose author Holly Martins travelled to the shady post-war Vienna, only to investigate the enigmatic demise of an old acquaintance, Harry Lime. Upon the deaths of a publisherial typhoon, reporter reports crawl to uncover the significance of his last statement. An unlucky New York advertiser is confused by a group of overseas espionage with a New York official and persecuted throughout the nation as he searches for a way to survival.

An experienced UK lawyer has to protect his clients in a surprisingly surprising homicide case. There is a case of a private investigator dealing with three excentric criminal, a beautiful lying man and their search for a priceless statue. The vampire Count Orlok expressed interest in a new residency and the woman of the realtor Hutter.

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Returned on May 16, 2017. Bradshaw, Peter (September 4, 2014). "The Guardian." I: a movie by Fritz Lang. Returns 2007-01-14. Returns 2007-01-14. Returns 2007-01-14. Archive from the 3 November 2006 edition. Brought back on October 28, 2006. Returns 2007-01-12. Fritz Lang on M: An interview, in Fritz Lang:

Kempe, Frank: "Buddha of Alexanderplatz", Deutschlandfunk Kultur, 21 August 2014 (in German). Brought back on May 10, 2006. Brought back 2007-08-08-08. Retracted 2010-04-24. 3 April 1933. Bounced back on September 28, 2017. Bounced back on September 28, 2017. "but it' s also a mashup of genres." Bounced 2014-05-20. Archives from the orginal on 20 May 2014.

Bounced 2014-05-20. Bounced 2014-05-20. Archives from the originals on 16 July 2014. Returned on May 20, 2014. Fritz Lang and Thea of Harbou - BBC Radio 4 Extra. Brought back on October 21, 2016. A graphic novel by Jon J. Muth, writer, Thea von Harbou, screenplay by Fritz Lang, adaptation by .

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