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The company offers refinancing, new mortgages and reverse mortgages. and claimed he was representing my current mortgage bank. It is the same sense of security that our lenders bring to the complicated process of house financing. Extensive review of Meridian Home Mortgage Corporation including locations, lender type and company overview.

The 25 best ratings and complaints about Meredian Financial Corp.

For a bill that I have never got ten for health care I have never gotten in a place where I had never been before...". Think it'?s a fraud to get your credentials. Then in August 2010 they phoned me and said that I had been qualifying for a restructuring of my loans.

5 month later, saying that I shouldn't do the mortgage because we were coming to the billing, they said that we didn't qualify for their mortgage anymore because we were behind with our actual mortgage. We' re not supposed to make it, they said! You are a fake enterprise that operates on the frantic emotion of human beings and only tries to reduce your payment.

So if you have been cheated by this firm and are living in the state of Maryland, please go to the public prosecutor's offices at www.oag.state. md and make a claim. These companies called me by telephone to secure the funding of my house. ýI was interested in the rates they were offering and they explained to me that they could quickly re-finance my house for a rate that was more than one per cent less than I am currently paying. 4.

They sent me the initial credit request form that really looks good and I reviewed it on the HUD website. It seemed like a legitimate firm, so I did sign the rates locking arrangement they were insisting on was in my best interest and sent them $899 for the first mortgage in the first month. Sure. It' been three time period and the curfew has finished and location is photograph no indication that closure is neighboring anywhere, though they person advisable me to cease profitable for my flow security interest.

Unfortunately, the last loans they sent me don't total up. I' ve never done PMI on my house before. You close expenses are quoted at around $6000, which seems high to me, and yet the mortgage end expenses they suggest are $10,000 more than I currently owe. What's more, the mortgage is not as expensive as I currently think.

You are telling me that there is no way that I can get the $899 back because even though the interest lockup is over, they are still working on a loan for me. You could take out a permanent mortgage for me for the next two years, and as long as that happens, you have the right to keep my moneys.

You had the nerve to call me last weekend and ask for an extra $1000 to pay my February mortgage in advance so that I could have another months without mortgage payments. Now I believe there was never an intention to shut down a refinancing of my house, but to make the whole thing so hard and costly for me that I would just go away and leave them my pay.

It was an ultra-unorganized and untrustworthy organization with call time, scripts, leads, etc. Allen ** seems to be trying to run a corporation out of a house with a group of his buddies together, and when someone has a problem with the results, he simply robs her of her cash and disregards her communication.

Where do I know I can rely on these ratings from Meredian Financial Corp.? After BBB contact her, Meredian sent a rejection note. I was informed in the middle of August 2010 that David ** no longer works there. The refutation of Meredian is non-refundable once the customer has signed an installment agreement, the security bond will not be returned.

In early February 2010, I got a call from Anas ** from Meredian Financial Corporation regarding the funding of my home mortgage. It interested me whether the rates were better than my present one. Instructions were given to me to send a copy of my recent mortgage extract, a copy of my Home Owner's Insurances, my last two years' income taxes, a copy of the pole, two months' bank extracts and a lock-in charge of $700.

00, payed by bank transfer to Fortis Title Solutions Corporation, and later a valuation charge, which he reassured me would be reimbursed upon completion, which would happen in 2 short months. After not hearing anything since February, 4-11-2010, I sent an email to Anas asking for the refinancing status/closing date or a reimbursement.

Once again, my grandfather was out of luck, and in the end I phoned again to ask for the credit. There is no imprecise statement of finances in my hand. What I answered was a reimbursement of the lock-in charge and my valuation charge that had never been made before. Calling the Orange County DA Bureau and finding no Anthony ** as a previous posting suggests, maybe a last name could be given for him?

Because of a medical condition that required the inclusion of a drug named Humaria, which has a $550/month co-payment, I was interested in a refinance. I' ve been fucked by this firm. I was contacted in August 2010 by this firm who said they were working with Wachovia Bank to change my mortgage.

You said I had to give a freeze in the charge, which would be the amount of my possible new lower mortgage of $1,296. Well, we phoned and got no answer for two month. Meredian Financial approached me on August 13, 2010. I' ve been informed that I've been pre-approved to re-finance my mortgage.

After talking to the loan officer, I was led to believe that I was fully authorized, he said congratulations. It was also said to me that an assessment would probably not be necessary, and if so, only as a technicality. Communicating between me and the business was a possibility because I have everything from my side.

At the end I was sent an e-mail informing me that my mortgage had been declined. So when I phoned to enquire about getting my barrier back in the charge for a mortgage I didn't get, they explained to me that it was non-refundable. Experian debited me the following sums on my Experian credentials: $1,664, $1,352 and $891.

My scores are "good" and I have a good reputation with all my major international banks. That has downgraded my solvency assessment and getting down with Experian and I am loosing sleep who thinks this will soon be affecting the other financial institutions. On May 25, 2010 I was cheated by Meredian Financial Corp. with 2391 dollars.

100 for a so-called lock-in instalment Depositengebühr, which is raised with conclusion of the Refinanzierung. We provided all personal, pecuniary information; we payed the review fees; we payed the evaluation fees. Eventually I spoke to David **, who was the loans manager more than two week ago and promised to handle the reimbursement via email to his support department to get the trial started.

On September 10th I phoned and someone by the name of Daniel, the executive director, said that David ** no longer works for Meredian. Well, I phoned two nights ago and spoke to Brad, who said the same thing. It' s obvious that Meredian deceived hundred of customers throughout the USA to pay the deposits charge corresponding to a one-month mortgage repayment.

Charging my $2,200 million debit to my bank account to make a facility available to help fund my home. I' m 00 from this terrible firm. As I said I am interested, they carried me over to this bloke, Anas, who billed me $30 to run my mortgage and came back with a refund bid. It asked me to put down my first monthly new mortgage or $4644 as a down payment, which will be refunded to me once the loans shuts.

So when he phoned me again and I let him know about the bad news, he made a stupid pretext. Then I asked him certain peculiar question like, give me your website, your adress, website of the trust firm. Said to me that his company's website is and that turned out to be a master architect in Ohio.

I got a "cold call" on 24 July 2010 from someone who said he was representing my bank's endorsement department and I had been rated for a lower interest mortgage cut with no disbursement cost. It was Meredian Financial Corp.

Martín ** answered the call; after the debate they asked me to fix the interest for $667, which said that the interest already rose (a lie). It was very stupid of me to give my credentials on 26 July 2010. And my credential firm phoned to challenge the deal and gave me a "fraud warning."

I should be reimbursed for the cost of closure (a lie) when I have done the red tape in 3 workingdays and the loan in 30 workingdays. Ten and a half years ago, when I hadn't even listened to anyone and the 30 day period was almost over, I began to call and contact Meredian to agree the deal.

I' ve been contacting my credential to notify the claim and possible fraud, but it seems that the contract/agreement is sound, no refund. Thus no funding was carried out, no services were offered for the fund, and they have all my pecuniary and private data. In addition, I phoned the telephone number on my monthly invoice twice to talk about the issue.

I' m doing a paper on the Meridian Financial Corp's practice. In May 2010, I started refinancing the share conversion with this firm. Once I had provided the necessary information, I could no longer get anything from this business. Also my major bank account was debited with $3294. What theitch was was that they were working with my mortgage creditor (CitiMortgage) and that due to the consequent periodic payment I qualify for a percent rating downgrade - no cost to me, just the information and starting the trial and it's done.

For me, the capture was that they offered a 1/4 per cent lower rates if I would be paying $1500 for the castle seemed fair, so I permitted a pick-up that chronicled the trial. As it was a whole days later and I had not sent them any signatures and the trial had not really begun, I said to them that I did not want to do deals, that was when I found the $1,500 debit on my bankroll.

Debbie first asked for help and I went through the entire request and sent her information to the Fannie Mae Underwrite. Thus, the credit was authorised on the basis of the Directive. As Debbie had originally been lying about her incomes, she was authorized for the credit, but when she sent the papers to close the deal, she was no longer authorized for the credit.

Because I had made my mortgage on schedule, they said they could re-finance my mortgage at a lower interest rat. Said they didn't have to have my place inspected. You said that needed a bonus so they could put 1 months payout on it and it would be reimbursed.

and I found out that the Orange Co BBB gave them an F rated. Tell them I didn't want to do deals with them and give the cash back. They shouldn't be supposed to be in-between.

and claimed he was my present mortgage bank representative. A 15-year interest of 4.75 was pledged and they needed a monthly repayment, which would be reimbursed upon closure, to include the interest as well. but we' ll see. The Meredian approached me as if they were defending my present mortgage Co. I was informed that they could fund my mortgage at a lower interest rat.

You asked me to bring in 2745 dollars to set my interest rates and make my finance information available, which I did too. And then they said my credit was up. A few and a half years later they notified me that they were not able to give the credit and said that they would give me a full reimbursement immediately and then they said it would take a few and a half years.

When they had done the round for week, they said they would not give me my change back. Responding to a grievance I had lodged with the Better business office, they said that I had cancelled the credit and thus lost my retain. As Meredian knows, the amount they are stealing is small enough that most individuals don't call in a lawyer, so be very wary when remembering to deal with this outfit.

Wish I'd reread those notes before I got mixed up with Meridian. My boss said that my bench would finance my house and cover all the costs. Over $1100 was debited from my debit cards three month later and the loans failed. All I gave Martin was a one-off debit on my debit to redeem the $600 debt, and other fees appeared.

I got a call in January 2010 from the Meredian Corporation, which claimed to be my present mortgage bank. You said since I was paying my mortgage repayments on schedule, I am qualifying for a easy refinancing (allegedly with my present mortgage bank). Questioning this, I put my accountant on the telephone who heard the call and she thought it was legit because of the information they had.

I' m said it was a free advance, but they asked for $700. I would be able to transfer 00 to my own bank account for the handling charges and I would be reimbursed on completion. It turned out when the lending procedure went on that I did not rightfully get qualified for a mortgage (I don't have a job), so I phoned and said that since I don't get qualified, I want my monies back.

So Anas said I said I told him I had a trustee so I could get qualified. and he said, "Too bad. I' m sorry. "Said I'd try anything to get my cash back and he was laughing and saying, "Good luck, sweetheart. I' ve since found out that they are a fraudulent firm and a bunch of guys have been robbed for a fortune.

I' ve tried my plastic cardboard institution difficult to retrieve it for me but people. After I received a taped note that they could help lower my home assembly interest to 5.375%. Then I phoned and talked to Joel who asked what I owe on my mortgage and the interest rates.

When I asked about my second mortgage. And I gave him information about the interest rates and the balances. I had to give them $1,300 to put them in a trust account, and I would get that back when I signed the credit.

He asked me how much it would be for the closure of the cost, and he said it would be a monthly installment and be incorporated into the loans. when he got home. Looked at the firm on the web and heard the complaint.

I' ve never even heared of this firm. Me and my missus made the error of using this firm to fund our business! Since 3 December 2009, we have been funding our house through Meredian Financial Corporation of Costa Mesa, CA. You were going to get us a 30 year mortgage at 5. 125% interest rat.

100 in a barrier that was intended to go towards closure costs, and an estimate that took place on 20 December. After the turn of the year the credit had still not concluded and they said it could not because they needed more evidence financially that we would not be late with the credit. As they needed full 2007 and 2008 income taxes, we started the investigation (talking to mortgage broker-mates, this is not an unusual exercise, but one we had never seen before with refinancing).

The Department of Financial Institutions (DFI - a division of the Attorney General in Washington State) has determined that they do not have a mortgage brokerage license in Washington State, nor do they have a guarantee. $450 00 locked in fees. In order not to fall into arrears, we had to withdraw funds from our adoptions funds, which we saved last year.

Our livelihood is on an individual salary as my spouse and our 4-year-old daugther stay at home. Notice this, when we initially began the loans, they had the BBB icon on their website. Meanwhile, I have sent Meredian two more e-mails requesting a full reimbursement. Mr President, I was waiting a whole month to submit this document in the hope that Meredian would compensate for the reimbursement.

Since I see that they have not done so, I hope that the authorities will play their part and that sites like this will shed lights on Meredian.

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