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would not recommend Midland Mortgage to a soul who has a house or is thinking of buying a house. Pioneer in the construction finance industry in Columbia, SC. Tillery doesn't recommend Midland Mortgage. Look what employees say about what it's like to work at Midland Mortgage Co..


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In 2016, when I was dismissed from my position, I phoned my mortgage bank, (Midland Mortgage) client services were so supportive and insightful. The mortgage was bought by Midland Mortgage and it was the biggest and most costly thing that could have happend with the bill. Initially they are not a lending institution, so despite having paid over each and every months for 9 years, I was not able to re-finance the loans with them.

Enough fairly, they're not a borrower, but I took out my original mortgage in part with a locals borrower because of the choices for simple refinancing. Second of all, when I repaid my credit, I transferred $48,000 to them. 48h later when I phoned to make sure the cash was taken, the agent said to me (and I quote, I will never remember that): "I have no clue where your cash is.

" One mortgage lender who tells me they lose $48,000 of my cash is TRIFYING. Finally (there are many more samples of horrible services, false trust reports, delayed charges for punctual automated payment, etc., but I won't bother you) I'm trying now, 3 years later, to get the banking issue that was never mailed.

I' m advised it would take 3-5 workingdays for this fax to reach us. 5 workingdays later. Not there. It was said that the next one was 5 workingdays, because the first one does not matter. The next morning, it was said that it would actually be 5-7 working days.

" You don't even have confidence in yourself that you can correctly dispatch a facsimile within 7 workdays. Mortgage is often the most costly and stressing mortgage a person will take out. The Midland has taken over my mortgage from Citi and has been great for many years.

Having done several talks with Midland Mortgage, I have asked certain queries regarding the buys and repayments of my home, but never can get a straight reply which always receives offline reply. Recently I have got menacing newsletters saying that if I don't do the right thing with the cash, no matter what sources I get it from.

Who' would do that to a whole host of families who have been in the business with them for almost 20 years? I am still puzzled as to how we have become clients of Midland Mortgage. When I bought my house, I was with the Central Mortgage Company. Well, I have no idea what happened and how I end up at Midland Mortgage.

For the last 18 years, handling Mortgage. I have had my mortgage fluctuate on several occasion and now I am being billed for a house that has already been used. Six month I was off, and the guys who worked with me were amazing.

Delayed payment and finally a training schedule when I was reinstated. I have been in the mortgage lending industry for over thirty years and this group is excellent. Where do I know I can rely on these Midland Mortgage ratings? Tendered material loss and policy cheque to Midland. This was 3 month ago and still hasn't got a cheque to fix the holes in the canopy.

Eventually they sent me a note telling me that I could wait for the cheque in 8 to 10 workdays. You' re lying about having to send checks just to get you off the telephone. Just because they kept my cheque. I' m assuring you it's more than the policy cheque. Joke is, they're keeping MY insurances I' ve been paying into my insuranceship.

Don't get involved with this mortgage bank!!!!!!! Instead of enforcement, we have tried to be authorised for 2 month for a shorted or deeded. If we want to be able to sell it in order to be able to pay most of the credit surplus, but if they don't want to talk to me, it will be their monetary losses.

After all these adverse valuations seems no role for Midland Mortgage. Mortgage loans are for sale to them and the owner has no idea what they will do to them. In the first place, every Midland Mortgage salesman I spoke to was impolite, patronizing and treated you like your only object is to cheat on them to get cash.

You wrote me a cheque when the expert came in. and Midland Mortgage. to ask about the trial, to confirm it. You gave me a shortlist of documents and said it would take 4-10 workingdays to complete.

I was waiting to listen, but I never did, so I phoned again... they said they never got it. Mir was said that if I inserted a $10 cheque when the agents were authorized, they would return the certified cheque to me by night-post. I attached a $10 cheque.

I was waiting to listen, but I never did, so I rang back. Incidentally, the $10 cheque booked into my checking accounts 3 workingdays after I sent it so I know they got my information. Throughout this period I kept receiving correspondence in which I requested the same papers or said that they lacked something to delay the trial.

There was also a threat to me, informing me how to inform them of the repair process and how to have an inspector (one of their inspectors) inspect the work before the definitive fund is authorised. I' ve been waitin' for the insurers. I phoned 9/1 (21 working day from the date the $10 cheque was deposited in my bank) to find out the state.

Confirmed cheque was sent by post and I should wait 5 workingdays for it. to Lubbock, Texas, lasts five whole fucking nights. Finally I got the cheque and employed a roofer. I had a new rooftop in my home on 12.9. and I phoned MM the next morning to have it overhauled.

had to get the insurance companies to stop payment to the tilers. The following weekend someone from MM phoned and sent a note telling me to plan the service. All I got was his voice mail. Calling MM again. Today, October 12th, I reported myself to State Farm.

Well, I was supposed to get a cheque from the State Farm in the morning. It' paid to me, my man AND the Midland Mortgage. because of two late payment installments. So I asked if these 2 repayments could be added at the end of our loans & they said no because we weren't in a December cyclone, just sick!

The only reason our contract is with them is because it was stolen from their doorstep without our knowledge. Just added the cost of medicine and lost 2 installments in a 10-year timeframe. That'?s 2 failed repayments in 10 years! And I really sincerely pray that these 2 payment will keep Midland Mortgage afloat! At the time we purchased our house in 2003, the mortgage bank that was holding our grade was active nationwide.

Midland Mortgage purchased and took over our memo in the 2008 accident (and the ensuing death of Country Wide). When my spouse left her jobs in 2012 and was looking for work for almost a year, we made mortgage repayments regularly and on time. As it became hard to make the payment, we approached Midland to ask if we could be included in the HARP programme.

The Midland replied that we were not delinquents, so we did not qualified. Their advice was to keep the money for 90 workingdays and then recall it at 90 workdays. the HARP programme. Next Wednesday we got a registered letter informing us of their intention to execute a foreclosure order.

5 years later, I find (since they refuse to talk to me, only my lawyer, and he was a dark hole) that I am going into dismissal, that they say they never got the May 2015 pay. Well, I know I sent it, but they say they never got it.

Our home was delivered to us in 2008 and after our loans were divested to Midland Mortgage Company, things went south. We' ve been losing our home, 2 years this July, why are they still in this business? As a result of Midland Financial's threat, I went bankrupt. I was sentenced to death by Midland, which led to my insolvency.

Years later I find out that Midland had placed a pledge on my house. The Midland is subject to a decision by a German Supreme Judge and they take it upon themselves to contravene a decision of the courts. With everything else Midland does. Previous lender's testimony clearly shows a deposit on the declaration and is handed over to the new borrower.

Review your testimony! how many other Midland folks got their trust accounts theft. The insurance company's cheque was undersigned and sent to Midland Mortgage in September. Mortgage bank agents were uneven in what they mediated. At the end of 2 month back and forth with Midland Mortgage several time, the cheque for 1/3 amount was paid by them until the end of November.

Again we began from the beginning and are now awaiting the cheque. Every year we pay a mortgage and the property is not able to have an occupation. In order to receive the mortgage in case it exceeds the fifteenth of the monthly, Midland Mortgage will call to recall without error, but very bad in the performance of its responsibilities.

We' re still awaiting the Midland Mortgage cheque and it's been 6 month since the last one. In four and a half week, my insurer had a cheque in his pocket. It' got me a signature at Midland Mortgage. I' ve phoned and phoned and phoned and nobody can help me because it is being worked on, or it will take 10-20 workingdays before it reaches their non-paper system, or it will take 10-20 workingdays before the post arrives in Oklahoma from Louisiana.

I have a mortgage and I get $1,000 in rents every flatnight. I have a kid with a Midland mortgage. He' s 60 in arrears with his payment due to doctor invoices. It was not in a position to make the back payment, but pays every single months so as not to fall further into arrears.

It has been said to him that as long as he does not have 90 workingdays, he will not go into execution, which he is not. He received a note two nights ago from Midland Mortgage asking him to call a law enforcement lawyer. In addition, they did not take his last pay out and gave it back, which now brings him 90 in arrears.

He' s been notified unless he repay all the refunds he goes into execution. He will somehow be able to do that, but I will tell him to find another mortgage as soon as possible. I have worked for a mortgage bank in the past, and I am happy to say that they have not used such dishonest policies to purchase someone's house.

Well, I own a roofer's and a do-it-yourself store. Of the things we do, one is to help humans through the incident lawsuit when it comes to damages due to bad weather conditions or dropping rubble. If the owner has an entitlement to cover for a mortgage on a real estate, the performance audit is paid out together to the owner and the mortgage bank.

Usually this is not a biggie... unless Midland has your mortgage. It was my unhappy job to talk about Midland on client's name. State Farm filed AND filed the complaint on June 3, 2016, and the client obtained a cheque for the full amount of his loss ($21,500.00) less the homeowner's excess ($2,500.00).

The client got a cheque for $19,000. The 00 to be paid to them and Midland. The Midland asked my firm for standardised documents, which we provided and sent to them (Midland) together with the cheque so that they could approve. Usually now, the mortgage banks just back up the cheque and give it back to the house owner.

Midland kept the $19,000 in this case. Since 6 June 2016, 00, verify the date on which you receive it. Last night, 09/06/2016, Midland eventually sent part of the cash ($12,250. 00) back to the house owner to start paying for the work. What is immoral is that Midland had the advantage of making interest on the customer's cash for almost 90 whole-day.

Now I have to do the work for the client and probably spend another 3 month waiting for Midland to clear the $19,000.00 account. Midlands hypothesis is closure! I was borrowed with the Irwin Mortgage. A few years ago, they shut down and shifted maintenance to Midland Mortgage.

In the beginning they seemed to be a great enterprise and were very well-informed. I found out in June 2013 that I would loose my day if I worked for another mortgage bank. Everything in my powers was done to make at least one payout in most month to prevent enforcement.

Eventually I collapsed and phoned around April 2015 and had to be put on an employment benefit scheme. In October, they said that I would have to make the full payment or a redemption schedule in order to update the credit and not make it foreclosed.

So I made less cash and could make a one month fee, but not 3, which would be a payback schedule to make it up to date in 3 month. And in March, I talked to Midland in surprise that it hadn't been in forfeit. While I was paying a pecuniary amount, I was deciding what I wanted to do, and the judgment was that I wanted to commerce either for mature whole or a tract selling, but I was finished transaction with this security interest institution.

In May I phoned and asked for a payout that I never got that morning. In June I phoned again and my broker asked for a further payment as the credit was now in execution so we knew what we had to do with it. The Midland company declined to give me the lawyer's name and said they sent me the information by e-mail.

Fifteen era advanced I got a writing from Orland Associates Troy Michigan archer me that they are excavation the debt, but they had catalogued my municipality as Albion and I unfilmed in Kalamazoo, so that is injustice. I' m also calling the mortgage to apply for the renewal as well as a possible permit for uncovered sales etc.

Also, I phoned Orland to ask why there was no message recorded on my house, as I was told lawfully that there had to be one. July 19, I phoned and talked to Ted on the telephone and asked to postpone the sales because I still don't have an offering, but we are trying hard.

and he still didn't have an answer. No. Last weekend I phoned again to check it, and he sent me a voicemail saying that the date of the sale was changed from 28.7. to 4.8. to find out where the 28.7. came from, because I was never notified of that date.

There is a possible bid on this property that came in here last night that I must now apologise because this firm has neglected to make a prompt enquiry and renewal and auction my property, and this bid is probably a sell off, so it will not be authorised.

When I asked for a call from the managers, I got nothing. But if Ted really did his work together with the other Red Reefs a few month ago and didn't give away imprecise information, this would all have been eschewed. However, the main problem is that I am now informed that I have never phoned except to get the renewal on Friday which is not the case and that I have never applied for renewal on the day of the auctions.

Suddenly this Midland Mortgage became a Citibank borrower, or as I was informed. Midland has been getting the BK7 payment on schedule since 2011, but has never entered this information so positively on my loan statements.

The Midland Mortgage has declined to confirm after the insolvency, has declined to give me adequate recognition of my credits for the continuation of payment, and is downright impolite and gross ly in comparisons, although they still say they are a debt collector. They' ve been screwing me over on this VA loans, made by another mortgage financier they obviously got rally accountability for, yet make no effort to settle. of course, I can't.

Even though I had no problems with Midland not receiving phone conversations and things, I had to keep sending them the same old stuff. and I didn't earn enough to cover the mortgage myself. Some time I would be sending instalments, but they would not use the means unless they had the full one.

You did a change with me, but you did increase the mortgage payout. {\pos (192,210)}My loan is a VA loan, but I'm not the VA. It is my ex-husband, and although the courthouse granted me the home, the credit society would not take his name off the loans. Since he had let the building go into execution before it was given to me, I had no way of getting another type of credit.

At one point one of the agents of Midland explained to me that they didn't matter if I stored my home because the VA supports the loans so they are going to get their money either way. and we could just settle the mortgage. Last Friday I phoned the thirteenth!

I' ve been paying my mortgage off, like 15-17 years ago. I and my spouse want to buy a second home, but I need a copy of my mortgage "paid off". Explained that it would take 7-10 workdays. Now I have tried to contact Midland to see if it was sent or what the history is.

The Midland was the poorest firm you ever dealt with. Following the examination to approve the retention amount from the insurer, the Supplier has not completed the work. After the money was cleared, Midland never sent an inspector for ultimate control. Instead, I only got information when I phoned.

It took my home, which was not a write-off, over 10 month to be fixed because of Midlands money use. You are a dream firm to handle in a critical state. The Midland Mortgage is the poorest firm I've ever worked with on so many different fronts. You said I should begin making my new deposit on schedule for 3 month, and that would complement the conditions of the few one-time arrangement.

Make full and timely payment. I checked my credentials next week, these guys told me 90s later. Think I' ll take all prospective mortgage repayments and give them to a solicitor instead. Don't ever do deals with these guys. It'?s a firm you don't want to do deals with.

When your mortgage loans are for sale to this firm, I suggest that you re-finance as soon as possible. In the course of the expansion, the supplier found that the insurer had omitted elements from the cost estimates and had to submit a surcharge to the insurer. The cost estimates were reviewed and the surcharge was repaid.

to Midland Mortgage. so I could get the builder to cover the bill. End control was sent on 11/17. Well, they say they didn't get the cheque until the quarter. I' m supposed to get the cheque out in two and a half business days. What?

It was two whole day, never came, so I phoned Midland Mortgage again and asked when the cheque would be sent. Saying Midland: "We have to have several executives clear the cheque first, then we'll send the cheque out". Then I said, "Put a man on the telephone because I'm sick and tired of your firm lying the same thing.

11.3.15 the insurer and Midland Mortgage sent an auditor to carry out a 100% overhaul. Said the insurer: "In order to be able to ship the cheque to Midland, we would have to do a 100% service. Well, since the insurer sent the last cheque to Midland.

We have to re-examine Midland's demand due to the cheque in a different amount. So if I call her 4x to ask for the cheque, and they say every single day the crib signs the cheque, will we send the cheque? Had I not asked for a crib and asked why I was said that you all need a cheque signing executive before you can send it, the Midland executive Maria ID # ** said to me: "You have to come out and do a second 100% service.

Talked to Deonna ID. It' gonna take two to three workdays. Brendan ** ID # ** came to the line and said the same thing "I don't know why Maria said to you that you could make a run because it will take 2 to 3 working days for an officer to call you 5 to 7 workingdays after that before we can get the bill out.

" It has representatives who are not well educated and have no idea what is going on in the firm. The Midland Mortgage must be shut down. I' ll let you know now if your mortgage is for sale to Midland Mortgage, get your house refinanced immediately. I' m working for a mortgage bank that your borrowers are going through, and although I have the agreement of the borrowers and written down sensible information that should give me the information I need, they have been impolite and not helping at all.

As I am the only kid, I tried to take over the credit and make payment so that I could keep the cottage. Now that' over 18 month and still no refunds. There is nothing unusual about the home and the amount of credit due is more than I could possibly do.

Then, after 8 months for them to say they went over as they marked on bonus boots, I never got my bonus insurance that they charged me...just figure after figure who seem to say they would be sent to me and over a year. Couldn't keep up with a firm that took my cash, and that created several issues for me and my ancestors.

So I had to take the little cash I had remaining to go out alone and refinance it with another business just to escape all the lying and overburdening...when a few month ago I got a note saying I could get a complaint back because of a complaint I had never seen before, but I thank God for putting an end to the scam and putting an end to the many affected individuals.

Serious individuals work harder for their own cash and for a business you put your faith in to keep the loans over your heads, and children turn out to be robbers and lying. Thanks God my home is already full, and I don't have to get involved with this impolite, dishonest outfit.

Neither did I until my credit was divested to Midland Mortgage. The most rude, terrible firm in America! The mortgage bank was Citymortgage. At Citi, we requested a downsizing programme, we were only 1 or 2 late in making payment. Meanwhile our mortgage has been divested to Midland Mortgage.

They took me a few month to find out if they would help us. Well, back in June 2015, we received letters from a lawyer who said we were excluded from Midland Mortgage. So we need someone to help us by reading this so that we can do something about this enterprise.

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