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The FHA modular and manufactured housing loans are granted by private lenders, but are insured by the FHA in the event of default. Mobilhome loans & financing An individual large mobile home is a pre-fabricated house, i.e. it is constructed outside the site and then moved as a separate entity to the site, and is 18 ft or less in width and 90 ft or less in length. It can be a good option for an inexpensive smaller house.

This is a pre-fabricated home that is usually at least 20 ft in width and no more than 90 ft in length. Generally, a dual width is designed in two distinct entities within a single plant area. "Produced " is another mobile home concept and relates to a home that is built outside the premises, usually in a large plant, and then dragged to the place of residence.

Houses produced can be one piece (single wide) or two pieces (double wide), as described above. Module houses are very similar to floor-constructed houses, but they are pre-fabricated in a plant or other off-site installation, and then in one or more stages shipped to the home location and completed.

In contrast to mobile or prefabricated houses, module houses must comply with the same construction regulations as floor houses and generally be qualified for the same funding programmes as houses constructed from the bottom up on site. A mobile home can be a good choice for those looking for an accessible property.

Prefabricated houses can offer effective conditions for life with an increasing number of individuals who tend towards a more simple life style. What are my qualifications for financing mobile home financing? In order to be considered for our mobile home credit programme, the following conditions, among others, must be fulfilled: At least 400 m² of floor space is required.

House must have been constructed after 15 June 1976 and in compliance with Federal Produced Home Construction and Safety Standards (there will be a certificate mark indicating this). It must also include the country on which the house is made. A house must stand on a firm base and not in a caravan fleet or flooding area.

In order to be eligible, the borrower's creditworthiness must be at least 620. If you are looking for a motor home in New Jersey, Maryland, Alabama, Arizona, New York, Louisiana or Georgia, we have you under control. Our speciality is motorhome lending for almost all US states.

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