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Contact us today. Award-winning mortgage, buy-to-leasing and insurance brokers. London Independent Mortgage Advisor Procuring a mortgage and related insurance can be a huge job, with many different kinds of contract to chose from. But what kind of mortgage is available in these insecure markets and which is best for you? "It was great to be kept fully briefed throughout the process.


Our research technologies and research tooling are extensive, and are updated every day to provide you with the best prices available. Backed by a deep dedication to education, oversight and regulatory work, this provides us with the necessary toolkit to make sure you get through the mortgage labyrinth. A continuous customer liaison enables us to set your long-term objectives and we always strive to create a coherent mortgage service contract.

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Headquartered in Southampton and Eastleigh, we have London, Newbury, Basingstoke and Winchester office space where our highly trained mortgage advisors are available to assist you with any queries you may have. Our aim is to assess your situation on an individual basis and advise you in an individual, courteous and professionally way, making use of our expertise and qualification to make sure that our clients are always provided with the most appropriate advice for their particular situation and goals.

At Mortgage & Insurances Brokers, it is important to us that your mortgage needs are dealt with quickly and professionally by our Mortgage & Insurances Brokers group. Please consult the website at for unbiased information on insurances. It provides free and unbiased monetary advice and was established by the British Government.

Note that by following the above links you will leave The Mortgage Hut website. We can help you find the right mortgage for you and your situation - we have tens of millions of mortgage loans to choose from.

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The best purchase to make to rent a mortgage for you depends on your individual situation. Such Mortgage Solutions offers advice on buying mortgage loans for the seasoned lessor, the pro, the portfolio, buy to let lessor or if you are just getting started. Undoubtedly there are many alternatives of mortgage for this reason, but not all will be appropriate for every investors.

If you make no mistakes, to find the most suitable mortgage for a purchase to rent out real estate, can be something of a mine field, mainly because of the ever stricter standards laid down by creditors, who are always reluctant to take undue risk. First thing you need to do to get the ball rolling is have a good talk with one of our free mortgage consultants.

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