Mortgage Advisor course

Course to become a mortgage advisor

Would you like a career as a mortgage advisor? Sri CeMAP Mortgage Advisor Course Online Your e-mail will give you your own assigned instructor who will highlight your tasks and lead you through the course so you can prepare for your exams. You will also receive a detailed student guidebook to help you through the course and evaluation processes.

It is especially useful if you have not learned for a while. QU: What skill sets are required to register for this course? There is no previous knowledge in the field required to begin this course, but we suggest you have a medium level of reading and writing fluency in German and fundamental mathematical abilities as you will be working with numbers.

F: What is contained in the costs for my course? You will be provided with all the specific course material you need to take this course at home. Course fees include 12 month tutorials. A £172 (VAT free) is charged to take an examination, you take an examination after each of the three courses.

In order to obtain the full qualifications, you have to successfully take 3 "End of Module" examinations, the booking of your examinations can be found in the "Booking of Exams" section of your courseware. Everything else you need to take this course is included in the course package we will be sending you.

It is not, all teaching material is included in your package. F: Do I have to take an examination? They take the same CeMAP® examinations as all the others, there are 3 of them corresponding to the three course units. First two tests are Multi-Way and the third test is a case studied.

However, don't be worried, provided you've attended the course, the examinations shouldn't be a hassle for you. That' okay, this course can be taken anywhere as we offer it on-line through our e-learning milieu.

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