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Mortgage Help Network. The Mortgage Help Network was established to help homeowners with loans owned by Fannie Mae. Luckily for struggling homeowners, there are a number of mortgage utilities that may be able to help.


Unemployed mortgage support programmes offer mortgage payback facilities by making available resources that help to repay part or all of the borrower's total mortgage payments per month. Mortgages recovery programmes offer a one-off fee to update a borrower's criminal mortgage. Change support programmes are designed to support change by making resources available to support the following:

Fulfilment of the residential cost/income ratios or mortgage lending value requirement parameter, payment of arrears and all other overdue items, as well as expenditure (if applicable) and reduction of capital. Transfer support programmes are designed to help fighting house owners move into more affordable apartments by obtaining means to help with the execution of a short-selling or title transfer, or to help with moving charges.

Every HFA is in charge of defining the qualifying conditions for the issuer and subscribes to the issuer for the mortgage assistance programmes. The service providers may, however, transfer potentially entitled beneficiaries to the respective HFA in accordance with the HFA requirement. As soon as a servicer is informed that a debtor is conditional upon being licensed for mortgage assistance by an HFA, he may not make a reference to a levy of execution or a timetable for the mortgage or carry out the forced sell for 45 calendar days. 2.

Enforcement measures will be stayed unless HFA informs the servicer that the debtor has been found not to be eligible. Service providers must defer the reference or selling of foreclosures for a longer term if necessary under state legislation. Service providers may also defer enforcement or a transaction beyond 45 calendar days if necessary to ease the handling of mortgage assistance and the receiving of money, provided that the service provider regularly monitors the HFA to ascertain this:

See Section 9211 of the Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) for details of how to interact with and accept funding from RFAs. Additionally to the below listed disclosure obligations, service personnel must file a quarterly statement outlining all mortgage payments supported in the previous months under the HFA mortgage assistance programmes using the spreadsheet for HFA's HFA mortgage assistance programmes[xls].

During the first three working day of each monthly period, service staff must electronically declare by means of EDR all borrower who have contracted an unemployed mortgage financing programme with an HFA in the previous one. Use the standard promotion codes "09 - Look-ahead Plan" and "016 - Unemployment" for the EDR declaration.

Service providers must also indicate the date on which they were informed that the Mortgagor had concluded the HFA contract. Service personnel must comply with the report obligations described in Guidance Sections 9203. 6, report and process the recovery, and 9102. 7, Standard montly reports. Service personnel must comply with the report requests for a change in accordance with Guides 9204, Training Options and 9205, Home Affordable Change Program.

Service personnel must comply with report obligations for all shorts and Deeds-in-Lieu in accordance with Guide Section 9204, Workout Options. Please consult your government HFA if you believe you are eligible for one of the HFA mortgage assistance programmes. Meanwhile, if you have difficulties making your mortgage payment, you should consult the organisation making your mortgage payment.

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