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[ compare], which looks at a selection of brokerage and direct businesses. Nobody likes to pay fees and we understand how important this is for you.

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It works like a regular mortgage, but you can buy one or more properties: A number of mortgage providers provide interest-bearing rolling loans on which you make no payment until the end of the life. What makes you think you can use our broker? Offers are given on the basis of your particular situation and they can cover the entire UK mortgage lending business to find the mortgage that is right for you.

Every creditor has different fees, which may contain evaluation and processing fees. Every creditor will decide whether to approve your mortgage application: When you are planning to let the real estate, creditors can also look at your tenants' financials.

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This is an excellently "simple" and yet it is not a simple one. Everybody (including me and my team) wants to buy only what is right for a work. However, you need to ask yourself the question, do you want a facility worthy of a committed (ie restrained lending panel) advisor, or worthy of a broker who does not have much working knowledge, or worthy of a broker who usually only trades in residential mortgages and now he/she is asked to research through the more complicated BTL financing requirements, or worthy of a broker who can supply you with the greatest range of product from the greatest range of lending institutions understanding the markets etc.?

Like the old proverb says, you get what you are paying for - i.e. paying little or nothing at all and then don't be amazed if that is the standard of quality of service for you. Brokers have many variations on how they get their "salary". The above is your own personal experiment describing one way (not ours by the way), and some others may more or less tell you.

You may need to exercise due care as described above as to who charges you what and what you get in exchange. However, we do not have a non-refundable registration charge of 250 which is due after we have spend a lot of our valuable amount of your attention a) in our Fact Find procedure, b) we have then completed the full research by contacting the panel of investigators to obtain the authorisation for you, c) we then present to you in "black and white" the choices for which you are considered, and then d) help you collect all the countless support documentation needed by the creditors to file a fully wrapped claim.

You will always be presented with the real amount of the overall fee before you ever put a stylus on a piece of paper and apply for a mortgage. When you decide not to apply even after all Fact Find, research and presentations have been completed, you will not be charged a cent.

People may say that it's not right that we do all this (many hours) work and get no money for it - after all, would you go to work for a whole weekend and not be expecting to be remunerated? This is the kind of downside that we take when some customers decide not to continue.

Fortunately, this is a very infrequent occurrence, and the overwhelming majority of our new customers decide to process their request until it is completed. According to a recent review of our own fees over the last 2 years, our overall professional fee has averaged £500.

I' d suggest (I would, wouldn't I?) that this presents Excellent value for money from a nationally award-winning, longstanding, FCA-authorized, BTL-focused (although housing mortgages, bridge financing, insurance and wills / inheritance budgeting are also available!). A team of brokers travelling across the UK to offer our services to the PT comunity.

Hopefully that will help answer your questions?

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