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Also search the Better Business Bureau for unbiased reviews and information. Free insight into Mortgage Broker ratings for other companies. Nowhere else would I go to mortgage finance.

Reviews for Mortgage Brokers

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" "Many thanks for all your help in secure our loans for our new home here in Scotland. Because you were organised & thorough & professionally, as well as friendly, what made the big change in our interaction with you. Many thanks for your patient and the treatment as human beings and not only as building savers.

You' re above the other, John Burley! "John always explains things very well. It goes about it & about it if you have difficulty to understand any part of the credit processing. John is expected to give us accurate and trustworthy information and has never been unsuccessful.

He' s always our first option when we need credit. "John Burley Sr. was a longtime agent for me and his service was very good. "John has been helping us with several mortgages in recent years and we have always been very satisfied.

Wouldn't go anywhere else to mortgage finance. "Margeret and Richard Ellis-- Delaplane, Virginia "John was a joy to work with... very well-informed. "Jim and Agnes Anglemyer-- Fulton, Maryland "Highly pro lific, expert and open-minded. Mr. Burley was prepared for all issues, reliably and reliably in the accomplishment of the upcoming work.

"We thought Jon Burley was very kind and competent. Wouldn't hesistate to tell a friend about Choice/John Burley. "John Burley was a great and enjoyable person to work with. It clearly and concisely describes the whole procedure and is very straightforward. "Robert Guise "John was quick, polite and polite.

It kept the momentum going and the trial was finished within the timeframe allotted. "Anthony Durkin "John Burley was absolutely awesome! "Robert & Nancy Nelson "John's backgrounds, wisdom, respect and speed have eased the whole proces. "Christopher Albin, "From the minute John phoned me, I felt a feeling of sincerity.

John was sincere to me, informational, and he permitted me to ask the tiniest question, and he replied to them where I could comprehend it. She was very supportive, a very supportive and enjoyable group of persons.

" "Brent's product expertise and client services capabilities have made our credit procurement processes as seamless as possible. "Brent is a very kind man. Mr Brent is sincere, very dependable and very worried about his people. I' m very proud to be able to commend Brent to anyone. "In all honesty, I can say that Brent Mendelson made my first home shopping trip a very enjoyable one.

All my telephone conversations were processed professionally and promptly. Overall, I couldn't really believe that my house purchasing procedure was simpler. Now that the transaction is closed, I would still be 100% happy to call Brent with any queries. Mr. Brent expanded his experience beyond the conclusion of the transaction and I look forward to contact Brent for my next home buy.

Thank you for everything, Brent. "I really appreciate everything Brent has done for me to repay my mortgage. His work was enjoyable, especially after a poor first refinancing of my credit. Brent gave the best interest in the area.

Brent was chosen not only for his price, but also for his can-do approach. During the whole trial he was very kind and obliging. "In a truly mind-boggling trial, Brent was the most supportive individual a first-time purchaser could hope to find. Mr Brent took me through all stages of the trial, far beyond what I would have expect from my mortgage broker, and was positive for me when the trial reached some very unanticipated obstacles.

It will be the first and only referral I have to any friend or relative who wants to fund their home buying in the Baltimore/Washington region. We had several instances during the closure of the deal where we almost ran into difficulties, but Brent tried to get in touch with all the sides to make sure there were no issues.

" Ellicott City, Maryland "Brent Mendelson is, in my view, the best since slicing loaf paper. In only a few working days, Brent did what no other lender could do in 3 1/2 week. Mr. Mendelson was very courteous, very professionally and kind enough to work on my credit as soon as he got back from his honeymoon.

Brent Mendelson is the one you should have on your side for quick and accurate, premium quality customer support. I' d highly suggest Brent Mendelson to anyone looking for a credit consultant who knows his things inside out. "Nardyne Jefferies-- Washington, D.C. " Mr. Mendelson is very professionally.

" "Well, Mark was competent and pro. "Washington, D.C., Matthew Kelly and Rachel Martin," Mark is a real pro. I' m a high-maintenance customer, Mark never made me like that. "Washington, D.C. âMark Zaidan is a pro in every meaning of the term. He' s very likeable, asks the right question, has expertise in the credit procedure and not only came to our home to do the red tape, but also that the bank agent came to execute the credit.

"Well, Mark did a good work. "Mark is outstanding - an outstanding credit counselor and a great individual to work with. "Mark is an outstanding credit counselor. "G.P.-- Washington, D.C. "Mark was great to work with. It made the whole thing as simple as possible and was the best individual we could work with.

" "and helped with the lending. "Well-informed, thorough and polite. He quickly informed us about our HELOC products and volunteered to lead us in person through the proces. Thank you for selecting Mark through our broker's recommendation. Thanks, Mark.

" "Cooperating with Mark was a blissful time. I' m gonna tell everyone about Mark. "Mark was very polite and polite and gave clear explanation of the requirements for all the work. His patience ensured that our interests were safeguarded throughout the entire trial. "Mark was an excellent officer.

" Dr. Jason and Amanda Higginson-- Chevy Chase D.C. "Very useful! There were two transactions - very time-critical and Mark carried them out in a very brief period of being. He took the while to come to my work and told me the whole story. He' is a smart, smart, client-focused mortgage pro who offers great value for money and high interest levels.

" "Mark and I came to an agreement for one of my purchasers. He was always calm, patience and profession! At that time Mark drew my attention to the range of the company offered by our equity line. It' s a lot & working with Mark was a real treat! "It is the combined effect of the best lending interest and Mark Hotels' attentive, highly qualified staff that made us choose to work with them.

Mark was thoughtful and answered our question. "Bob was very fast in responding to our request and helped throughout the whole trial. Professionally. And the whole trial went very smoothly. "Scott knew I was a home buyer for the first and did everything he could to make me comfortable about both the trial and my thoughts about finance.

" LaFreniere & Robert G. Dixon "Scott has been very instrumental in helping me find the best programme for my needs. "Lori Barrack "I have used Scott in the past and was very happy with him as I was with this credit. He' s excellent at clarifying all the choices and stays with you every step of the way.

" "And Sandra was very supportive and alert to our needs. "We were house purchasers for the first and we had gone through two other financial firms, but they were not sure what their words were to make available the funding we needed, nor were they thorough. And Sandra was very tolerant with us, led us through every trial and explained everything very well.

Despite the special nature of our case, we have obtained the mortgage... without distress for us and within a very short period of being. "She was very useful and gave us a very good clarification for the credit procedure. "Professionally very kind person... the business was very good. "Lorena Carroll has been a great help to us with this credit.

" "He was very useful in clarifying the credit procedure and was quick to return all phone conversations.

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