Mortgage Comparison Calculator


This calculator can be used to calculate the total cost in today's dollars of different mortgage alternatives, taking into account your opportunity costs. This calculator can be used to compare mortgage terms, interest rates and amounts. Check two mortgages side by side to see which has the lowest monthly payments, the lowest interest cost or the ideal repayment schedule.

Hypothekenvergleichsrechner (Canadian)

Totally dollars for this mortgage. Interest on this mortgage. Number of years over which you will pay back this mortgage. Mortgage amortizations are most often 20 years and 25 years. The charges contained in the APR computation. Charges may differ from creditor to creditor, but usually include at least interest paid in advance.

This is a standardized cost estimate used by the creditors. Developed to help borrower benchmark different credit alternatives. Thus, for example, a lower interest rates indicated can be a poor value if its charges are too high. Similarly, a mortgage with a higher quoted interest and very low charges could be of extraordinary value.

These charges are included in the calculation of these APRs in a uniform set. They can then match mortgage loans with different charges, interest levels or maturities. It is the method of paying that defines the number of times you make regular repayments. There will be 12 annual instalments per year, 52 per week, 26 per week and 24 per year. Expedited week and bi-week pay plans are computed using a montly pay plan and assume only four week per months.

This effect can help you avoid saving your mortgage interest for years. Expedited bi-weekly billing is determined by splitting your total month's billing by two. Then you make 26 half-weekly installments. Exactly like the expedited week to week payouts, you are actually making one extra month per year.

This is the amount you actually pay each and every months for this mortgage. In the case of credits with montly repayments, this is just the montly one. With all other methods of settlement, this is the total of your one-year settlement multiplied by 12. Periodical capital and interest payout by means of half-yearly interest accumulation.

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