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The Commonfund Mortgage is the leading mortgage provider in Syracuse. Midlands He''d help out whenever we needed anything. Thoroughly explaining everything we needed and answering all the queries we had. Malik Uzair was very supportive during the whole trial and gave me a good feeling. Uzair even got a better offer elsewhere, but due to the fact that Uzair was helping so much during the whole trial, I chose to stay with Mid-Island.

It' s disappointing the whole mortgage getting thing, but the open line of communications with Gus' bureau was awesome. Both Gus and Katie worked hard with me to make sure that everything was in place that was needed and that all my queries were addressed. Being my credit counselor, I am thankful that I had such an experienced and beautiful individual to work with.

Answers to our question (there was a great deal, 24 hours a day) were always quick and complete. It'?s my recommendation! Robles did a greatjob when he guided us through this very important and often bewildering time. Our satisfaction with the personnel was high and we will certainly be recommending Mr Robles to anyone looking for a home loans.

Both Shawn and Mary Lou were always available to respond to or resolve one of our issues. Mr President, I would like to commend Mr Ben Werczberger. Nothing but outstanding support and services from him and the Mid-Island Mortgage Group. He was very polite and very professionally. My Joe Robles was very supportive and my familiy and I appreciate all his effort and work.

My services were above those of other organisations with which I have had experiences in recent years. Our client services were very good. The employees were great through a challenging trial. Walther was outstanding, professionally and always there for our queries. I' m so happy and happy for Katie and Gus to help me get this mortgage.

I' m very happy to have Mid-Island Mortgage as my "first choice". A+ is my own and my own experiences and my own career are A+! This was a fantastic and carefree time. During the whole trial Peter was marvelous. At Mid-Island Mortgage, Walter and the women help make the purchase of our first house so simple!

A great overall adventure. Recommended for families & mates! And he has great client support capabilities and is great at mastering challenging situations! It was a very busy trial, as with any larger buy, but with the help of Vick & Tiana they made the trial pleasant Vick is a great brokers and excellently in what he does! I would suggest Mid-Island & Vick 100x's over.

Throughout the entire purchase of our house Shawn was of great help. It has been patience, knowledge and efficiency in approaching us with queries. Andrey and his Debby Narein crew made our first home that bought mortgages stress-free and enjoyable. So Gus recently did our mortgage and he went over and over to make sure that we were able to buy our house and he also kept our hands every move to make sure that we understood what was going on.

We' d highly suggest Gus to anyone who buys a house! We' ve had a great time. Stephanie and Mid-island were an utter delight to work with! Every document was filled out in an efficient way and all my queries were thoroughly replied to. I' d even say I made a boyfriend in the act.

Answering all our queries and misgivings. It even replied to queries on a Sunday evening within a few moments! Not only was Frank very professionally, he was also very helpful in scheduling meetings, making telephone calls and working with my workplan. From before the trial began to its end, Matt was stunning.

Actually, the trial was very pleasant this year. It was a fast and easy trial, Michael & Shawn were there for us, regardless of how many issues we had. Mr Panzarino is by far the best mortgage agent I have ever used.

Be very polite + very useful at all stages of my initial mortgage review. "We thank the whole Mid-Island crew for making our dreams come true. But I was very happy with Mid-Island and would use it again in the near term. It was very useful and really enabled me to buy a house.

They were both very useful, (Ben Werczberger & Mary Lou Clifford) always in contact and always ready to find ways to handle things. It was a quick sell and things weren't simple, but they both help us through the whole thing.

It was so useful and answering all our queries. Stephanie Santoro from Mid-Island Mortgage is strongly recommended! "Stephanie was very supportive of my man and me every stage of the loan approval procedure. Your outstanding leadership made us feeling more self-assured that we were making the best possible choices, and your kind, open-minded nature made the trial, which could have been a very daunting one, much more enjoyable.

" "He was very supportive and active in a busy, demanding period, lacking the efforts of the real estate development teams and the cooperative executive of the cooperative I bought. It was Shawn who volunteered to help me in some way that would make things simpler for me.

Instead of going to work as a seller to buy a mortgage, Shawn gave me the feeling that he was a boyfriend who helped me buy a house. Thank you again, Shawn. "Teresa was polite and supportive in clarifying details and replying to queries. "The BEST mortgage expertise & one of the best client services expertise I've ever had.

He' made the trial less awkward and less pleasurable. The employees were also very nice and supportive! "Lowest Cost & Lowest Client Support! Each detail was clarified and each query was promptly replied to. It led us through the whole procedure from pre-approval to completion. "Both Gus and Katie were very supportive, proficient and effective.

You made my mortgage procedure incredibly simple. "shawn dwyer helped me with two split refinancings on my land. The Shawn is a very committed pro. Overall, I am very pleased with the result of my business and will still be recommending Mr. Dwyer and the company he works for to anyone who needs his work.

Mid-Island Mortgage to my boyfriends and my relatives. He''d help out whenever we needed anything. Thoroughly explaining everything we needed and answering all the queries we had.

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