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If people contact me to look for life insurance coverage, they often express interest in getting a life insurance policy to cover a mortgage. Mortgage insurance is another type of mortgage insurance - a guarantee that your mortgage will be paid when you die. The mortgage insurance covers the mortgage bank in the event that you default on your loan; although it does not have many advantages for borrowers, it does have some. It' s not unusual that homeowners wrongly think that PMI covers their mortgage payments when they lose their job, become handicapped or die.

A mortgage is a mortgage to help fund your home, most likely the biggest indebtedness you will take on in your whole being.

A mortgage is a mortgage to help fund your home, most likely the biggest indebtedness you will take on in your whole being. Soon as you have a mortgage, what exactly does it cover? Mortgage capital is the amount you have to pay for your home. That number is defined by the amount of mortgage you take out and how much you are contributing with your deposit.

Example: If you get a mortgage for $150,000, then your main difference is $150,000. However, if you get a mortgage for $150,000 but deposit $5000 for your down payment, then your home balance would be $145,000. Mortgages are the amount you are paying as interest to the creditor holding your mortgage.

Most of your mortgage is interest and capital. If you start to pay your mortgage, the bulk of your money will be interest bearing. As the mortgage is still disbursed, however, the amount of the month's mortgage will gradually change over to the capital and the amount leading to your interest will fall.

An overwhelming percentage of creditors will demand that you have house ownership cover in order to obtain a mortgage from them. You should also want it as a housekeeper as this is a great big purchase for Life's Biggest Purchase. Real estate tax is an unavoidable part of home ownership. Following an evaluation by a state commissioned inspection officer, your real estate receives a fixed value.

However, a flat-rate of this value determines your real estate tax, which may differ according to where you reside. Real estate tax generally goes towards funding the costs of your municipality, such as schooling, streets and other needs. After your mortgage has been disbursed, you still have to owe real estate tax.

Nor asking about what a mortgage is covering? Our mortgage specialists will be pleased to help you.

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