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The Mortgage Experts are designed to be better than your bank in terms of fees, credit options, interest rates and service. To find experts who can testify about mortgages, click on the links below. As we know, your finances and your mortgage are not things to take lightly. Mortgage bank you choose.

Hypothekenexperten - The expert difference

The Mortgage Experts are designed to outperform your bench in terms of charges, credit choices, interest rate and services. Our full-service mortgage house and our safe and lean origination system allows us to draw and sign your home loans in less than 30 workdays. The Mortgage Experts are designed to outperform your bench in terms of charges, credit choices, interest rate and services.

Because we are a full-service mortgage originator, our safe and optimized authorization procedure allows us to draw and finalize your mortgage in less than 30 workdays. With our on-line credit request you can take your own moment and edit your request at your own speed. What is the best mortgage credit options?

Our relationship with many mortgage providers is strong to simplify the credit request procedure. You can rely on our knowledgeable and highly skilled personnel to manage the financing processes.


The Ask an Expert feature is available free of cost. They can ask as many as you want and use our site as long as you want and there are no costs. If we keep our services free, we can respond to more queries for more borrower. While we do not resell us information or e-mail address to anyone asking queries on our site, you can be sure that we will keep the contents of your query private.

Much of the information we collect is very specific and we never share any personal information about our visitors. So, please do not hesitate to contact us with your most demanding, complex mortgage issues. As a rule, our visitors are comfortably amazed by the level of information we offer in our answers to queries.

Put in simple terms, one of our main objectives is to help individuals make sound choices and make savings when they receive a mortgage. Mortgage processes can be complex and daunting and tend to ask many a question for even the most seasoned borrower. The free answers to your question will help you better control the mortgage lending lifecycle and help us fulfill our missions.

Just send your query using the above contact information and we will reply by e-mail, usually within one workday. Check out literally thousands of mortgage FAQs, covering a variety of mortgage issues from fundamentals to details. Browse by subject to find the Q&A you are looking for.

Check out extensive mortgage topic tutorials from an expert with years of experience in the mortgage business. Use our mortgage glimpses to help you find the creditor, credit programme and mortgage that are suitable for you. Use our mortgage interest table to see interest and acquisition cost comparisons for your nearest major mortgage provider.

Comparison of creditors is the best way to conserve your mortgage and find the right mortgage for you. We have a list of over 3,700 creditors, among them bankers, mortgage intermediaries and cooperative lending institutions. You can use the list to find the creditor who offers the desired lending programme.

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