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Let's simplify the mortgage credit process and experience our first-class service. The Mortgage Firm has evolved over the years into one of Florida's largest private lenders despite the economic downturn. Patrick Storch Mortgage's team strives to provide a "WOW" experience throughout the mortgage process. There are a number of different credit programs I can offer to meet your mortgage needs.

What can we do to help?

What can we do to help? Credit processing and enjoy our World Class Service. Want to find the right mortgage for you? Help us help you find a credit that works for you! Buying or buying a house is a complicated and lengthy procedure. Indeed, we provide you with automated updating throughout the whole lifecycle with continuous progress reporting and no unpleasant surprise!

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Plenty of important things to keep in mind throughout the entire lifecycle, especially if you are a home buyer for the first of many. Apply for a credit? You can stop and continue where you stopped with our on-line recruitment system at any point. Once you have submitted an applicant, you can review the loans as required.

When you are thinking of remodelling your home - whether in the Kitchen, Dining Room or Garden - you can turn to one of our mortgage experts who will help you find the right mortgage for you.

Mortgage Firm, Inc. : About us

The Mortgage Firm, based in Orlando, Florida, has been offering high value property finance since 1995. We have a strong history of serving the credit needs of property pros, developers and home buyers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Tennessee. We have a team of highly skilled and licenced experts with experience in all areas of construction finance:

Our mortgage bank has a wide variety of mortgage resources and all our credit professionals specialise in finding the right loans with the best interest rates, conditions and costs to suit your individual needs. Our gifted employees will report regularly on news and advances throughout the credit approval procedure so you know exactly where you are, personally or on-line.

The Mortgage Firm, with 15 years of experience, is a tied, secured and licenced lender that provides both. Our commitment to conscientious credit allocation means that we are well prepared for the upcoming changes in the regulations and sector. Mortgage Firm, Inc. is obligated to treat fairly and fairly all persons in its practice of granting credit in all jurisdictions in which it operates.

Part of our basic philosophy is to provide our current and potential clients with high value added investment products and solutions in compliance with all relevant legislation. Throughout the United States, this policy is enshrined in fairly enforceable loan legislation such as the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Fair Housing Act. Those statutes shall include the equal consideration of all loan claimants, regardless of racial or ethnic background, gender, sexual preference, colour, creed, nationality, religious belief, nationality, old-age ( provided that the claimant has the opportunity to make a legally-binding agreement ), health records, civil or political standing, civil or family standing (number and ages of children), civil or political service rank, gender, sexual preference, handicap, because the claimant has in good faith asserted a right under the Law on Consumers' Credit Protection or the Law on Service Members (SCRA) that all or part of a consumer's earnings from a government aid programme be covered by a statutory scheme.

Gender equality in accessing fundamental business options such as home ownership or loans is ethically disgusting, has no place in our business and will not be accepted. It is only through the effort of all of us at The Mortgage Firm that we can make sure that every borrower is treated fairly and equitably and that we have assisted every member of the community that The Mortgage Firm serve to achieve their full capacity.

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