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Therefore, the borrower should be prepared to provide the following information to the lender:. Once the house has been purchased, the homeowner makes monthly payments of principal and interest to repay the loan over time. In order to obtain a mortgage loan, a potential borrower must apply for a mortgage through a bank, credit cooperative or other lender. Next important step in buying a new home is the pre-approval for a home loan. Statistics on outstanding balance, delinquency and foreclosure of single family mortgage loans are presented below.

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Investor Information section of the Virginia Housing Development Authority (the "Authority") website provides information on information about shares outstanding by the Authority. Given that each guarantee may contain different origins of payments and guarantees, different responsibilities of the authority and/or a debtor and different conditions and restrictions of these responsibilities, the user should make reference to the formal declaration of a specific guarantee for further information.

Before you access the Investor Information section, please take a few moments to review and agree to the following conditions of use. Disclaimer The Disclaimer is necessary for the reader's knowledge of the information contained in the Investor Information section. Information contained in the Investor Information section does not represent an invitation to buy or dispose of any security or a request to make an invitation to buy or dispose of any security and should not be construed as specifically identifying information in relation to the issue, disposal, repurchase or marketing of any security.

Every investment instrument included in the Investor Information section is identified with a date or "from" date and will speak only from that date or "from" date which may be earlier than the date on which it is published in that section. We advise you not to believe that information has been up-dated beyond the date or "on" date unless a particular piece of information explicitly states that it updates all or part of a work.

It may not be inferred that the Authority's position or business, the nature of its transferable security or asset and/or other commercial terms have not changed since its effective date or "on" date. There is no requirement on the Authority and the Authority explicitly rejects any requirement to undertake an updating of documents or information included in the Investor Information section.

Information may be changed, completed or supplemented without prior notification and may not be up-dated, and the publication of information in the Investor Information section does not mean that there has been no modification, addition or modification of such information. Investor Information may contain "forward-looking statements" that use forward-looking words such as "may", "will", "should", "expects", "believes", "believes", "expects", "estimates" or otherwise.

The user is advised that forward-looking information is susceptible to a multitude of uncertainty that could cause results to differ from those anticipated. Since the Authority cannot anticipate all matters that could cause or influence such forward-looking statement, whether as a result of fraud, error, omission or fraud, the Authority may not be able to make predictions that are accurate or complete and, as a result, it may not be able to make predictions that will cause results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in such forward-looking statement.

The information in the Investor Information section is provided on an "unaudited" basis unless otherwise stated as unaudited information. This section is for general information only and does not constitute a substitute for information or advice from a qualified investor adviser. Information in this section Investor Information may not contain all information of relevance or timeliness for an investor's purchase or sale and should therefore not be used exclusively for an investor's purchase or sale as such.

It is the only investor information section on the Authority's website. It declines all liability for any copy, modification and reproduction of this website area and the information contained therein which has not been made by the Authority. Any user of the Investor Information section of the Authority's website shall continue to be bound by the general disclaimer of the Authority's website, as well as by the Authority's web policy.

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