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You' re a buyer thinking of moving to London for the first time? Are you already living in London and looking for a move? First-time buyer mortgages - London Borough comparison tool Mo-Fr 8-20 o'clock, Sa 9-16 o'clock, Sun 9-16 o'clock. You' re a purchaser who' s considering relocating to London for the first and foremost? Are you already living in London and looking for a move?

Number of decisions and determinants to consider can be a bit overpowering, so we have developed an intuitive comparison guide to help you understand each area.

Our London Borough Comparison utility allows you to quickly find and collate information about real estate averages, criminality levels, student valuations and more in all London districts. You can click on the desired criterion or on a municipality to see all facts about this area. Up to 3 districts can be selected and compared at the same aime.

Our company is a member of the Financial Services Offset Scheme (FSCS). Under the Programme, clients may be compensated if they are entitled to claim and the Bank is not in a position to meet them. Indemnity thresholds for advising and brokering mortgages (for transactions concluded on or after 31 October 2004) - £50,000 max, i.e. 100% of the first 50,000 per capita.

Special mortgage offers

With effect from 17 July 2018, the mortgage specialities underwent the following changes1: Loan advances offer a blocked interest rates and amount of interest, but the proportion that goes towards capital for interest will vary from interest to interest - the amount that goes towards capital will rise as you disburse more of your mortgage, while the proportion that goes towards interest will decrease.

When interest rises, your interest fix remains the same and gives you the certainty of a fix amount for the life of your mortgage. With an open mortgage, you can repay all or part of your mortgage at any given moment and without penalties. On the other however, a mortgage that is locked up will require you to adhere to the terms of the agreement for the whole of the period you have chosen, but you will be able to repay a large part of the capital at a certain point in due course.

Floating interest mortgage allows you to take benefit of varying interest levels while offering the comfort of a regular one-month pay. As interest levels drop, more of your payout will be focused on the reduction of your mortgage debt capital due. As interest rises, more of your pay will go towards interest charges.

Much like a variable-rate mortgage, an adjustable-rate mortgage allows you to take full benefit of fluctuating interest levels. Instead of a set montly amount, however, interest and redemption payments may vary and are updated every months on the basis of our mortgage interest schedule. A further variant of a floating interest mortgage, a lock and roll mortgage, allows you to take full benefit of fluctuating interest levels.

Interest and redemption payments may vary and are subject to automatic adjustment every 6 month on the basis of our 6-month interest fix less a pre-determined rebate. There is a mortgage of $250,000 for the period under consideration, under the assumption of an estimate charge of $250 (including the charges associated with the determination of the value of the property).

When there are no costs for debt capital costs, the annual interest and the interest rates are the same.

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