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Create exclusive mortgage leads with mortgage marketing strategies that actually work. With Platinum Marketing, you can automate your mortgage marketing strategy with premium content and borrower and partner campaigns. Mortgages Marketing, which lets you hit your forehead in 2018.

I had a long conversation the other night with a mortgage agent from Omaha, Nebraska. And he told me how it's sometimes like a Messerschampf to get enough lead to keep him and his four credit clerks posted and click to push their way to the top of Google.

He admitted he was trying to buy wires - if you can't hit them, join them... right? If you try to name the "exclusive" lead you have purchased, you are spending all your attention sending robot notices. 90% of this broker's deal comes from recommendations - mostly property brokers and developers.

I get a total where it comes from - I keep hearing this tale from the small, freelance mortgage agents and credit adjusters I speak to every single working day. What I do have to do is get a lot of money from the people I work with. You have the gooliath "Mortgage Mills" in everything that counts - better rate, lower charges, lightening speed response time... And you always put the client first and serve your needs above the interests of big multinational banking... difficult to get lead?

Hi, I'm Andrew Pawlak. To help customers generating skilled mortgage leads. Mmm. In fact, if their publicity is just about good - or would be if they didn't lose 3 out of 4 prospective leads because of a frequent mistake. You push and push to create lead, but if you don't eliminate that bottleneck, most of your heavy work goes to wastage - like an air conditioner running at full speed on all your lower window sills.

Much of them saw their lead rocket up to 4x from the READY SAME MARKETING EFFECT... Marketing they were doing READY. The first time I came across this technology, I ran a marketing company that created templates for mortgage bank sites. Leaders are the heart and soul of your mortgage transaction. By the end of the afternoon, if you don't get skilled sales from your marketing, you're just pouring cash down the drain.

However, the tracks simply didn't materialize. And so I began digging. You sent a barrage of prospective buyers to my customers' web sites and community sites. All I knew was that there had to be a way to get more of these attendees to come out of the dark and fill out these leads so my client could keep track.

Small changes to your marketing can make a big impact. Easily customize the colour of a pushbutton or reorganize the question on a template to lead your lead through the rooftop - or drop it to the ground. Enterprises like Lower My Bills, LendingTree and Quicken Loans had already spent tens of million and tens of billions of dollars on this research.

After hiring the best top gaming marketing and coding wizards who could buy money...they spend years trying out, optimizing and refining their marketing strategy until they could consequently earn profitable sales by generating lead. Bullshit like this gives ALL mortgage banks a blue eyeball and makes your 100X jobs tougher at every turn.

If I could undo their leadership generating approaches, I could use the same proven technologies for my customers. I took out my telescope and took a long and close look at what these big corporations were doing. There is NOTHING like most mortgage banks about the way lowermyBills and these other Google businesses grasping leads.

You have found a house that you want to buy and now you are looking for a mortgage. Your average shopper will not realise that they should look for a mortgage first - they will go directly to their home of their dreams. That' s why brokers always get the lead first.... more about how to turn it upside down in just one second!

As soon as I realised this, I began to wonder how my customers received EVERY marketing led. It' s an even greater issue for them, because where your marketing budgets could only be a few thousand bucks a year, they spend dozens of million. To the client this "Inside Out" leading edge capturing shape looks more like a basic videogame or a basic "quiz".

Then I became possessed... I retired from my job as co-founder of the templated mortgage website. Everyone could create a website; I was looking for a solution to Reale issues that customers saw. Following some thorough tests, I persuaded several mortgage pros to try this in their marketing. In order to really "test" this concept, I had to find a BIG customer who was already paying a ton of cash to create a lead.

In July 2012, I landed one of the biggest brands in the field of mortgages and property on my front door. I would create my new "Inside Out" leadscape pages for free if they agreed to test them side by side with their latest landings pages on the Mortgage Marketplace.

I and my staff have created a target page for one of Big-Z's biggest marketers - an independant mortgage broker that spent large sums of money (over $60,000 a month) to click on a classic "Request a Quote" page. Some of our other trivia hoppers worked even better! SAME AD BUDGET's customer was delighted - just as they received almost twice as many new leads and hundred thousand dollar new deals from SAME AD Budapest.

In the next 8 month we have started over 30 mortgage leader campaigning with Big-Z, and in any case our quota funnel has destroyed the obsolete leader form and generated 2-4X more leaders. I' ve educated the Big-Z squad on the application of my methodology, and today these "Inside Out" trivia hoppers are the spine of their $28.00 $2M Mortgage Marketplace.

I wanted to put this new mighty instrument in the capable hands of every hard-working mortgage agent and credit manager in the state. Since I have worked with so many Lo's as customers, I had the resource to test these cups. However, my customers scooped STILL tens of millions of dollars for my staff to put these pages together for them - and while the return on my investments was fast, I found that many independents could not pay the up front costs.

Funnel exactly? The marketing you've always done! Since these pages are 100% tailored to your unique LO needs, they blast away the default "one-size-fits-all" entry form that generically ejects page landings page softwares... AND the would-be leader entry form "built in" to these mortgage website submissions. Onto this remark, if you've been frustrated with the weights of your mortgage website...these hoppers are exactly what you've been constantly lacking.

Quick and simple to use in your company, these quick and simple to install and integrate into your marketing in less than 5 mins. Because we' ve honed and optimized these quick test hoppers in countless quizzes, they work like mad for any LO that tries them. It' like disengaging the brakes that slow your marketing down to a scramble - all of a sudden every buck you spent on advertisements produces up to 2-4X more leads. What does that mean?

While it may seem insane, that' s what enhancement is all about, forcing customers to act! Trichter connects you with your prospective customer so you can do what you do best - establish a rapport, help them with their loans and earn some serious cash while you're at it. With every answer to a questions, the judges "reward" their work.

Strange things you would probably never think of, like Hover effect, immediate response validations, quick keys.... subtile animations as well as interaction that lead prospective customers... Even the order of the question itself can determine or even rupture your own achievement. On the one hand these are 100% YOUR 100% lead. DU have created these lead's through your marketing, and you will never have to scrape and scrape with 15 other LO''s to inactivate them.

And then there comes the leadership part. Their clients are satisfied because they have actually had the opportunity to request a quotation - without going through a mortgage tele-sales abattoir to get the information they want. You' re lucky because you really get EXCLUSIVE Leads, with all the information you need to create an exact offer, and then get in touch with genuine people instead of getting the voice mail coldshoulder.

Cordial and spiritual essence of the Funnels 2. Zero is what I call our Mortgage Marketing Funnels. Either of these sites has been specifically designed to draw a particular kind of mortgage client and then transform them from an anonymized click into a qualifying leads. No matter whether you choose to work with homeowners or writing many refs, there is a hopper here that is perfectly suited to your company.

The 15 hoppers contain all major credit product types, as well as traditional, FHA, VA, Junbo and USDA lending, and cover buy, fund or general price scenario. Every one of these hoppers contains a preconfigured, "just adding traffic" country page that is specially optimized for this kind of lending Quiz. Within a few clicks you can capture more lead data generated by your marketing team.

Do you need more traffics? On a 1:1 basis, we can work with you to setup your new hoppers, and then buy klicks at a price you can buy anytime. Whilst these hoppers are operational, you have plenty of leeway to personalise them to your liking - by up-loading your own logos as well as a "hero image" and a user-defined wallpaper to suit your own style, and by generating user-defined "Welcome" and "Thank You" alerts to get the right sound.

No need to waste your time developing new technologies, developing an efficient marketing call to action voice, or asking the right question in a specific situation - we've done it all for you. If a new leads reaches your mailbox, you will be immediately alerted by e-mail, text, or both.

You have all the information you need to validate the leader directly in the e-mail so you can track it immediately. You can also manage what kind of lead goes to each of your members, so that each new leader is directed to the right LO every single turn.

You will never have to be concerned that your lead will fall into the "email abyss" and disappear forever. And if you are an experienced advertiser, you can even add Google Analytics to any funnel to get more information with just a few mouse clicks! Just click! This way you can see at a single look which of your marketing activities are profitable and which are wasteful of your hard-earned advertising costs.

Historically, our customers would pay $597 to $4,997 - just for construction, plus $97 a month at least, that's 1 year costs of $1,761 per tunnel. You will also receive 5 hoppers to create lead for more funky items such as 203K, HARP and inverse mortgage loans. There' not much you can message that the close security interest businessperson or LO can't outperform lightly.

Four search funnels: Four Home Finder funnel: They can select your favourite major manufacturers and suggest to let them use your property judges to generate more Leads from their marketing. They' re just whetting their appetites, and then my crew will hop on a 15-minute call and show them what a strategy partnership with you can do for theirs.

Brokers receive more and better lead qualities. You' ll get more clues, too. Owning an effective part of their marketing engine - they can't rule you out even if they want to, because you get immediate alerts when the lead comes in! Do you need more property judges for more brokerages?

Let us know and we'll talk to you. Customers - a broker marketing campaign that actually works. When I had to bill for all this - we're referring to the property judges, the scripts and coachings, and the hands-on participation of my teams to help you close the deals - I would ask for a minimal of $10,000 a year.

You get the best possible expertise - and you get more lead. In order to construct just one of these portable hoppers and use it for 12 month, you would be paying 861 dollars. Just that these leadsĀ " drop through the cracks", because it is such a pain to put the lead into the email newsletters of the LO in order to follow them up consistently and regularly.

Actually, many mortgage banks could boost their topical businesses by 75-100% or more only by stuffing this one leack. Every single turn you enter a leader, the customer's contacts are synchronized with your email Fire accounts for seamless synchronization. Nobody got loose lines. Depending on which hopper they came from, new leads fall into seperate "buckets".

Often in your marketing, small optimizations can mean the distinction between an ad that delivers results and a complete miscarriage. How valuable is it if you have such expertise in mortgage marketing on abbreviated dialing? I have a regular $2,500-5,000 charge from my staff to check out a client's marketing. Using this "hotline" only once a month can make it $2,500 easy - not to mention saving on your marketing budgets and improving your responses-rate.

Designed specifically for the mortgage sector. You' get check lists, tutorials and cheat sheets that you can quickly review and use TODAY to enhance the results of your marketing campaign. These marketing campaign schedules or spreadsheets include tried and trusted marketing strategy for your on-line marketing...including SEO, pay-per-click, community service, e-mail blasts...and legacy "offline" marketing tools such as leaflets, advertisements on radios, magazines and even recommendation marketing.

We' re just getting started. Well, I don't know. The Marketing Hub is updated by my staff on a regular basis with new " This stuff works in the material world" technologies that we have learned from our everyday work. It is my aim no. 1 that your marketing is successful, so I include immediate availability of each of these promotional schedules.... plus ALL the schedules that we will be added in the coming weeks ans month... at no extra cost.

That' a combined $88,936 in mortgage marketing utilities and laser-targeted marketing consulting for YOUR company. That' s less than you would be paying for a few of those "live transfer" wires from the big leading corporations. If you take out ONE additional mortgage in the next 12 month, you will amortise your return on your initial outlay.

Both you and I know talking is cheaper. Make your own bucks and run your own game. We' ve been helping several hundred mortgage broker and credit officer over the last 3+ years, and I have seen this leading edge capturing system in operation over and over again. This is virtually unknown in the marketing industry.

I will let you know directly so that you can spend your funds in a way that makes good economic sense for your company. When you are not marketing or just starting out, it can take a few weeks or even a few month. And in others, there are tens, and for some customers, even tens more credits, according to your marketing and promotional budgets.

Twenty-four more lead's? Sometimes their lead has "only" redoubled. A lot of people saw their lead jumping three times or better. So where else in marketing is someone willing to ensure such results? You will receive a clear unambiguous link for each hopper, which you can use in your advertisement, or you can refer your own domain(s) directly to your hopper(s).

They can also directly from your profiles to your profiles to on-line directories and your web sites to your domains to turn your anonym visitor into your own lead to be followed. Anyone else have acces to my lead? Your lead will NEVER be shared with third parties. It is YOUR lead that YOU create with your marketing.

Your generated lead files are stored on our secured, encryption-protected server, where only you have access to them. Contrary to most mortgage web sites and tech firms, we have spend the past 5+ years trying and fine-tuning everything from issues and messages to button colours, animation and visible hints that get borrower to move to the finish of our funnels.

We have worked with organizations such as Zillow and Bankrate so that we can use customers who are spending tens of thousands of dollars on marketing to continually test our policies and technologies. We are continually fine-tuning our utilities and working to improve our mortgage customer converters. What can I do to direct my transport to my hoppers?

While there are innumerable types of trafficking that we can turn on and off like a pin to get you more attention, remember: It begins with building the right base first - one destined to conversion skilled leads. What is more, it begins with the creation of the right base first - one destined to conversion skilled lead. Klicks can't do deals. As soon as your hoppers are under tension and your foundations are erected, we will work with you to direct the flow to your hoppers in various ways, to include but not limit to:

All your website (the most important "hub" of all your marketing - if you have a website and it's not optimised to correctly generate lead conversions, the ROI of all your other marketing activities will suffer), land pages and nicheicrosites should all be optimised to increase your funnel Traffic.

Even instant revenue streams such as: e-mail blots, e-newsletters, ranking charts, searchengine marketing, display advertisements, video, webinars, online communities, and more. We also help you to increase the volume of off-line campaign traffic such as: mailings, cards, journals, newspapers, radios, televisions, special interest shows, etc. Don't let us hang you out with great leads capturing utilities and no real trafficking, just remember: trafficking isn't usually the issue.

I' m just starting to market my mortgage deal. Deliver more lead from your pay ed advertisements and make your advertisements more revenue earning. I have tried other marketing "systems" that have been a total loss of my own resources. If, after 12 month, you find that you have NOT at least recovered the costs of your subscription, I will reimburse your annual outlay.

Keep in mind, if you take advantage of your free 30-day evaluation subscription, you'll also get $88,936 in marketing resources, education and technical assistance available to our full-price members. To start, click on the bottom icon!

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