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There are a number of mortgages available to suit your needs. Regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer or want a remortgage, we offer different levels of flexibility and security for all our mortgages, subject to a maximum Loan To Value (LTV). Use this guide to guide you through the process of preparing an offer for mortgages in the UK or outside the UK. There are a number of different types of mortgages to choose from. Check mortgage loan deals for free.

Mortgage: As interest rates are about to increase, it's payback season | Geld

There was a strong recollection of a family of houseowners that low interest would not last forever when Bank of England Bank of England Goldhead Mark Carney in November said interest rates were going to go up for the first year in a decade. However, the Bank of England's interest rate policy was not to be changed. This memory - and the announcements that there would be two more increases by 2020 - resulted in brisk demand from mortgage creditors, who decided to set their interest rate and hold their payments back for the month.

Increasing costs for budget accounts increased the need for fixed-rate loan protection. "Borrower have been lucky to see low interest in the mortgage markets in recent years, so they may not be ready for more than a surge that will be factored in over the next year or so," says Rachel Springall of the money facts website and Moneyfacts.

As the next climb approaches, is it worth fixing your mortgage? Aggressive interest rate levels, as well as the imminent coming of a hike, have resulted in a strong need for firm interest rate levels among home-owners who are modifying their mortgage portfolio, says David Hollingworth of London & Country Mortgages. Five-year shops are particularly well-liked, according to Jonathan Harris of mortgage agent Anderson Harris.

In the past year, fixed-rate transactions reached new records. However, as interest hikes since the Bank of England's announcements are now safe, creditors have raised interest levels. "Over the past few week, some creditors have raised their interest slightly, but others have let them fall in the fight for control of theirs.

Overall, I advise anyone involved in mortgage lending to act quickly so they don't miss out on the best products," says Blake. When you fix for longer than you're perfectly certain of, you'll likely have to make early payment penalties to get out of the mortgage during the fixed-rate term, which can be significant," Harris says.

As longer maturities often seem less appealing to borrower, this has resulted in an increase in the acceptance of five-year fixing, says Hollingworth. This is what distinguishes us from so many others in the press at a times when objective, truthful coverage is crucial.

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