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This popular mortgage choice has a fixed interest rate. A fixed mortgage has stable interest rates for the term of the mortgage. As a result of this stability, the fixed-rate mortgage is the preferred choice for most homeowners in BC.

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Have patience while we charge our tariffs, please..... Are you trying to find the best mortgage rates in British Columbia? The comparison of prices on our website is free and lasts only a few seconds. Take a look at the following diagrams to find out how much you can cut down on your mortgage and to get an idea of the condition of the BC-Case.

Did you compare the mortgage rates in BC? Find ing the cheapest rates could potentially safe you a great deal of cash - our 5-year BC rates now aver less than 2.5%, while the bank's 5-year BC rates aver more than 4.5%. At a mortgage of $400,000, the median interest differential would lead to over $100,000 saving over the entire term of your mortgage.

saving mortgage interest in British Columbia: rates are on avarage more than 2 full percent points lower than the booked banking rates. With a $400,000 mortgage, that's an avarage saving of: Which is lower: adjustable or fix? While many Canadians realize that they can make enormous cost reductions by looking around for a mortgage, not everyone knows what the best floating rate will look like compared to the best static rate.

Fighting for floating vs. floating interest rates, the floating interest rates are in BC as anticipated - the floating interest rates for five years on our site have been about half a point lower than the floating interest rates for five years since 2014 and until 2016. saving mortgage interest in British Columbia: Our floating interest rates are on avarage almost half a per cent below our static interest rates.

With a $400,000 mortgage, that's an avarage saving of: Which is more favourite? As the floating interest rates are constantly lower for five years than the five-year floating interest rates, it is not surprising that the vast majority of BC Borrower on our website choose it. It is no mystery that the real estate markets in British Columbia are thriving.

The low interest rates and rising demands from over the ocean have pushed BC re-sale price averages to over $600,000 in 2015. RBC's latest residential real estate review recounts a tale many of us already knew: The BC house and condo averages are the highest in the country.

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