Mortgage Rates Northern California

North California mortgage rates

The Redwood transforms the North Californian home into two different outdoor habitats. We currently offer two competitive variable rate portfolio mortgage loan products (ARMs) with either an initial fixed term of five or seven years. Find out how a Sacramento Credit Union reverse mortgage can help tap equity in your California home.

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We underwrite these credits according to our own in-house rules and regulations, giving us more leeway than our underwriters. In our decision making process in our reinsurance business, we assess a client's overall financials and, above all, their capacity to pay back the debt. Why should tradtional writing be a challenging task is there are a multitude of factors.

You may have unparalleled borrowing or earning power, a uniquely real estate asset class, or just want to broaden your real estate asset base. Portfoliocredits are a good option in such cases. We currently have two competitive variable rate mortgage product portfolios (ARMs) with either an original five or seven year term.

Loans for first homes range from USD 100,000 to USD 2.5 million and USD 1 million for real estate held as a long-term capital investment, except for the amount of the credit which is taken into account on a case-by-case basis. Talk to one of our credit analysts about how a credit line might be a good option to suit your individual financing needs. Mortgage with variable interest rate?

View our movie or click here to find out more about variable -rate mortgages. The programme is available for real estate in selected districts in CA and NV. However, not all lending programmes are available in all sectors for all loans. The nature of the real estate and other limitations may be applicable. Different credit programmes available.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Rates | Northern CA Mortgage

When you are 62 years or older and own a house, you and your beneficiaries can take advantage of a Sacramento Crédit Union (SCU) Reverse Mortgage. As long as you reside in your home, you will be paid for the value of your home without any need for a refund. Use your house's own capital as either money or a line of credit: with SCU's Reverse Mortgage, we make repayments to you on the basis of a percent of the value in your house.

In the meantime, you retain ownership of your home and you will be billed interest only on the money you get. A reverse mortgage means that you are still liable for the payment of land tax, insurances and servicing charges.

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