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Offer in good time to existing and potential mortgage holders. Enhance the quality of your mortgage leads and take out more loans. The maximization of the return on investment of your mortgage leads is essential at all times, but never more than in a difficult economic environment. There are a variety of filters that buy mortgage cables of the highest quality and at the best price in the industry.

Location No. 1 for organically produced leads

Leads produced by organically searched results are of much higher caliber than pay-per-click advertising and advertising banners. All our leads take the telephone and are interested, enthusiastic home buyers who are willing to get a pre-approval. In contrast to large leads gene businesses that use PPC marketing promotions, bulk email, remote marketing and many haphazard sites to attract knocked-down low grade credit.

100 percent of our leads are organic and come from our unique website. Nor do we work with tens of tens of hundreds and sell our leads to as many creditors as possible. Our interest lies in building long-term relationships with a few first-class creditors, and our leads are never offered to more than three.

As soon as a prospective real estate buyer fills in his information on our leads page, the information is immediately sent to your customer relationship management (CRM) system so that a credit consultant can immediately get in touch with him. Velocify, who calls for a new leader within the first minutes of filing, says the rate of a 391% increase in online sales. Lots of mortgage leads vendors buy leads from other resources, use mailings, mailing list emails, and have several sites for generating mortgage leads.

That makes every leader more convenient with you, in fact they expect your call, which gives you immediate credence. Contrary to most leading ISPs, we do not conduct pay-per-click advertising or use bulk e-mailinglists. 100 percent of our mortgage leads are controlled by Google, Yahoo and Bing web sites or by online SEOs.

These ensure that high qualitiy leads are always kept up to date, willing to talk to a mortgage borrower every single second. Rather than focus on the generation of leads from potential customers with good to outstanding loans such as other leads firms, we have identified the large, untapped low -value mortgage leads franchise. 580 creditworthy customers have finite possibilities when it comes to locating a mortgage provider to work with.

For this reason, our leads are not just installment purchases looking for the best price. They are serious home purchasers who are willing to apply for a mortgage credit. In this way we have some of the highest exposure and close prices in the mortgage sector. Number of creditors receiving our leads

In contrast to many leads generating firms that are selling mortgage leads as often as possible, sometimes to more than 6 mortgage banks. As a small management firm, we do not have the manpower to continually attract new creditors to our team. Securing high contract rates is critical to our clients' retention, so we never send leads to more than 3 mortgage houses, sometimes leads are only sent to 1-2 mortgage providers, so our client has the highest contract rates.

Since 2012, we have been reselling buy and refinance leads. Our company relies on the Google, Bing and Yahoo Google results for our home buyers and refinance mortgage leads. Each individual leads you get came directly from our website. Just one website and we never buy leads from third parties.

A lot of leads businesses have many sites that are generating their mortgage leads. The leads are also sent to up to five creditors at a stretch and redeemed to many others as they age. Mortgage leads are never offered to more than 3 creditors and are never offered as obsolete leads, so you can stay in touch with our leads.

Most of the leads we manufacture are newly acquired FHA mortgage leads. And we can create leads that go directly into any CRM. As one of the few leading generating firms that not only wants to sell leads, but also wants to build long-term relations with our creditors, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. Anything we can do to make sure that you are able to conclude as many mortgage leads as possible.

Also we have split and excluding mortgage leads and real time transfer are also possible on demand.

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