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You can use our Mortgage Repayment Calculator as a guide to what your mortgage repayments could be on your new mortgage loan. This calculator can be used to calculate the repayment of your mortgage and add additional payments to find out how much it reduces the length of your loan term and the amount of interest you can save over the life of the mortgage. You can use this handy mortgage calculator to calculate the monthly cost and the total cost, including interest, a principal repayment or a pure interest mortgage.

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Mortgages settlement inputs: Number of years remainingTotal number of years that remain on your initial mortgage. Initial maturity of the mortgage: Initial Mortgage TermOverall length or maturity of your initial mortgage in years. Initial mortgage amount: Initial mortgage amountThe initial amount funded with your mortgage is not to be mistaken for the residual or main amount.

Supplementary capital payment: Supplementary main paymentYour suggested supplemental per months pay. These payments are used to decrease your main credit. Yearly interest rateThe yearly interest that is used to compute your total amount to be disbursed each year. Remember that this is different from an APR (Annual Percentage Rate), which contains other costs such as mortgage coverage and the accrual charge and/or points payable when the mortgage was first created.

Summarize the results of the mortgage disbursement: Actual mortgage payment: Actual mortgage paymentsMonthly Principal and Interest Pay (PI) amount calculated on the basis of your initial mortgage amount, your maturity and your interest rates. Expedited quarterly payment: Expedited month paymentTimetable plus extra main pay. Sum of expedited payments: Overall SavingTotal amount you would be saving in the interest if you had made the expedited payout until your mortgage was fully repaid.

Mortgages Repayment Calculator | Westpac

The Premier Advantage Package Terms of Use are effective and listed above. Find out more about the methods of repaying home loans. Outputs or results of these calculators: based on hypotheses that may vary; created without knowledge of your own individual finances. Westpac may use an interest that is higher than the actual interest that is charged on the proposed credit when evaluating the capacity to repay a credit.

Interest percentages used in the calculator: are up to date as indicated on our pages on the interest percentages for home loans; we reserve the right to make changes.

Mortgages Repayment Calculator

You can use this tool to charge the mortgage repayments and make additional calculations to find out how much it will reduce the length of your credit period and the amount of interest you can spend over the lifetime of the mortgage. Prepare a payback plan (negative co-payments to reduce payments). In order to also execute new payment scenario by modifying the duration of the loans, try using the loans payoff calculation.

Actual mortgage balance the amount of capital due when the mortgage is calculated or the initial amount of a new one. Notice that this is the interest that is different and usually lower than the APR.

The amount currently payable for this mortgage on a month-by-month base only in respect of principal and interest. Don't cover insurances, tax or escrow payment; these will not be applicable to your credit. It' s not always the easiest value to find, but usually you can look at your last settlement to find the capital and interest charges and summarize these two figures.

Additional amount you are planning to pay to add your montly mortgage to this. These calculators will give good results, but you can also speak to your lender to get a quote from him. If you are examining different types of repayments, you can use the following equation to determine how many of your corresponding number of month will be on the loan: where n = number of month, PMT = month pay, i = month interest rates as a fraction al number (annual interest dividing by 100 dividing by 12) and PV = mortgage amount (present value).

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