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Don't stay in your house until the mortgage's paid? You can use this free home savings calculator to calculate interest savings for the short-term advance payment plan. No matter whether you're shopping for a mortgage or a savings plan, we've got a variety of helpful calculators to take the guesswork out of your decision.

Hypothekensparrechner for the calculation of the medium-term prepayment schedule

Learn how advance payments lead to savings and how you can make advance payments to your next home. What are the savings on mortgage interest that result from advance payments? If you take out a mortgage to buy a home, the amount paid per month is calculated on the number of years you are planning to pay back the mortgage. Every single months during the period of redemption, the EIB shall calculate the interest component of each instalment on the overall amount of the credit.

Interest is then deducted from the amount paid and leaves the amount used to decrease the amount of debt (principal). That means, if you make a deposit over and above the required amount.... Have reduced the amount on which you will be billed interest for each individual monthly of your outstanding time!

The reason for this is that each times the banks goes to charge interest, the amount on which interest is calculated to you is lower than the initial amount paid. With other words, if you are adding an amount to your actual mandatory payout, you have not only applied mortgage interest on your next payout, but also mortgage interest for each and every monthly for the remainder of the life of the mortgage.

This applies every and every times you make an advance deposit to your current deposit. Indeed, even if you make only a singular, one-time advance payout, your yearly mortgage interest savings will actually increase over the course of t [ Read

Assuming you have made mortgage repayments on a $250,000, 6%, 30-year mortgage for the past 3 years, but you only intend to remain in your home for another 5 years. When you have been able to release an additional $200 per months to increase your mortgage rate, in 5 years you can make the following advance purchases on your next home:

  • of $2,000 in interest savings. However, if you have high-yield liabilities and are applying the $200 per month to a quick liability repayment scheme, you may be able to match or treble the $14,000 advance payment on your next home.

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