Mortgage Servicing Companies

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A servicer can be a borrower or another company. ("SPS") is an industry-leading mortgage service provider. Kontroverse[edit] Lemke, Lins und Picard, Mortgage-Backed Securities, §3:1 (Thomson West, 2013). Brought back 2010-11-10. Lemke, Lins und Picard, Mortgage-Backed Securities, §11:6 (Thomson West, 2013).

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J.D. Power mentions companies with top mortgage service provider dissatisfaction | 2017-07-28

Several years of continuous improvement followed a decline in mortgage operator happiness as clients experienced a significant decline in their overall perception of the franchise, according to J.D. Power in the U.S. Primary Mortgage Serviciceratisfaction Study 2017. The perception of the franchise deteriorated as clients indicated that their mortgage provider was more profit-oriented than customer-oriented, with long-term implications for the company's businesses in the longer run.

It measures client contentment with mortgage business experiences in six factors: new client focus, invoicing and payments processes, trust management, interactions, mortgage charges and communication. Contentment is computed on a 1,000 point rating series. "Our research shows that mortgage providers have three very clear ways to make a difference: efficient on-boarding, highly functional self-service and call centre best practice that optimises client engagement in line with evolving client needs and demographics," Martin said.

The Quicken Loans team again took the lead and scored 840 for the forth year in a row. Region Mortgage followed in third place with 819 and Huntington National Bank with 795. The three most enhanced service providers are Bank of America with a 767, Nationstar Mortgage with a 703, and Ditech Financial with 694.

Those companies gained 26, 29 and 37 points respectively. In the following graph, each enterprise was classified according to the general level of contentment of the mortgage operator:

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