Mortgage Specialist

mortgage specialist

Our specialities are mortgages, refinancing and home loans. Mortgage Specialists LLC's mortgage brokers help house buyers to obtain FHA, VA & conventional mortgages & home loans in the Omaha Nebr area.

Employer Reviews for The Mortgage Specialists

I' ve been with The Mortgage Specialists for two years. I have had great experiences working with this firm. It' s an entertaining setting, the locals are great, and the service we provide is really worthwhile. Well paid, but the proprietor is a plot theoretician and sneaks everyone into hislots.

Businessman's been in prison twice in the last 12 month. The institution faculty go bankrupt, apt not to get compensable, and apt to get sued or end up on a property or visual communication where the commerce businessman kind extreme falsehood to athletic contest his condition de jour.

Anticipate verbal and/or bodily misuse by the shopkeeper. You really are a sound enterprise to work for. Had they not decided to change the lady's needs by giving her a little extra detail on Telemarketing, I would still be working there now. Except not for me in person, but I also liked the firm and my employees!

I' ve heared that the TELMARKING division is not for everyone, but they usually only employ experienced telemarketers. Not too many, they have very high aspirations, it's a place where you have to be very motivating to drive yourself. a really good selling area.

Relax and be adaptable as long as you work. Good folks you can work with help take some of the hassle out of work. So I got my credit officer's licence, which is beautiful. Not good reason to work here, except that you are getting payed and employees get drugs and police record and are tolerant if you are a friend of the other.

It provided an excellent basis and fee per closing credit at any given time. They need to recruit recruit recruiters with a real HR history and get executives to participate in executive education courses because they didn't have the right qualifications for their job. I' ve seen some good, hard-working folks. Darcissistic, patanoid possessor. It has a poor image in the business.

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