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Earlier last week, Sainsbury's bank Sainsbury averaged interest Rates for do-it-yourselfers and buy-to-let investors. Do you really need to take out a mortgage from your supermarket? If you are a first purchaser or an experienced real estate enthusiast, you can get unbiased, competent guidance on your mortgage option by phoning some? Mortgages advisor at 0800 2942 849.

Sainsbury's Bank is the only provider of credit operated by a supermarket offering buy-to-lease transactions. It last weeks cut interest levels on its fix interest product to 60% and 75% Loan-to-Value. Sainsbury's Bank is offering a 1.94% common table-top transaction in the five-year fixed-rate mortgage segment - on a par with HSBC's offering.

Isn' it different to get a mortgage at a supermarket? Supermarket -related banking is the same as any other lending institution and offers you the same level of security as the big lending institutions - and in some cases less expensive business than the largest of them. However, M&S Bank has been run by HSBC since 2004.

When you need guidance on your mortgage option, you can get a free callback from an unbiased, market-based agent by completing the following enquiryaire. You can repossess your home if you do not maintain your mortgage payments. Mortgages advisors and which ones?

Moneysupermarkt starts with podium mortgage finetech

Money supermarket, a British comparative pricing location for credits, mortgage, credit card and home and auto insurances, has announced that it is planning to introduce its own mortgage finance company, Podium. The company has partnered with the creator of HD Decisions, a major online shopping and lending company that Moneysupermarket uses for its new business.

Panel will be a digitally based comparator that will allow users to better find mortgage loans while at the same time allowing them to submit their mortgage applications on-line. Money supermarket already has many clients looking for mortgage on its mortgage brokerage area. Each year, the site draws 16 million viewers to browse its mortgage site, which accounts for around 25% of total UK mortgage seekers.

Usually, however, these buyers exit the website and do business with external mortgage brokerage firms. Often such businesses are still very old-fashioned - they work with customer on the telephone and depend on many paper-based business practices that are unpleasant for them. Panel wants to revise this proces by fully digitalizing it in order to rationalize the mortgage broker's service to the client.

It is not the first to digitise the mortgage transaction but, given its large client basis, it is likely to have an edge over other newcomers. Many other fintech companies want to modernize the mortgage markets, among them the British Trussle, so there will be bidding for the podium. The money supermarket, however, is already an incumbent in the mortgage sector, which is likely to make it more likely that customers will use its new platforms as they can already use them to benchmark them.

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