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They are used by homeowners who are threatened with eviction due to non-payment of their mortgages. A homeowner's property is bought by a housing company, which then leases the property back to the owner, who can continue to work as a social tenant. All you need to know in order for the process to run smoothly. The first is to rent a house that someone else owns and the second is to buy a house to own yourself. When you own your house but cannot afford payments temporarily and cannot find a better place to live, temporary renting of your house can be the solution for you.

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Mortgage to Rent Schema is a federal agency that helps home-owners who run the risks of loosing their home. In order to be qualified for the Mortgage to Rent scheme: The borrower (s) must have concluded the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) with the creditor. It must be considered by the municipality in whose territory the building is situated for the promotion of social housing.

Your annual disposable incomes may not be more than 25,000 *, 30,000 * or 35,000 *, according to the part of the borrower (s) you are living in (net domestic incomes are your domestic incomes after deduction of tax and contributions to your health system (PRSI)). They must be authorized for the Mortgage to Rent Schema. Your municipality must provide you with support for public housing.

Their home must be acceptable to a residential building society. Your home is handed over to your mortgage provider, who immediately sold it to a residential real estate company, which then leases it to you. No longer will you be the owner of your real estate, but you can still live in your house as a public house landlord and have a lease with the residential company.

Advantages of the system: You' re paying an income-based, reasonable rent. Revenue from the purchase of your home by the condominium company will go towards your mortgage liability and your creditor will talk to you about any outstanding debts. Your residential real estate company takes care of the upkeep of the real estate as stipulated in your rental contract.

If applicable, your creditor may provide you with the option to submit an Mortgage to Rent claim request for the programme. Fill out your Mortgage to Rent claim and social housing support claim forms and forward both to your municipality along with your lender's note that your mortgage is not sustainable.

They must receive impartial counseling on their rights and debts. The creditor pays approx. 500 for your advisory services. Money Advisory and Budgeting Service (MABS) can offer impartial credit counseling or you can request the name of a licensed credit counselor at The creditor will give this adviser 250 immediately upon receiving your recommendation.

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