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The Modern Times Group (MTG) is a digital entertainment company based in Stockholm, Sweden. MTG AB, a digital entertainment company, is active in the areas of free TV, pay TV, radio and content production. The official website of MTG Co, Ltd. MTG Modern Times Group Company Profile: Describes the company profile page of Modern Times Group MTG on Markets Insider.

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The Modern Times Group (MTG) is a Stockholm, Sweden company specialising in providing high quality online content. The MTG originated from the press investments of the Kinnevik Umbrella Fund, which was paid out to the company's shareholders in 1997. In the course of the transaction, MTG acquired 74% of the share capital in Turtle Entertainment, the operator of the Electronic Sports League (ESL), an organizer of eSports tournaments.

The TV3 launch in Sweden on New Year's Eve is the first ever commercially available programme in Scandinavia. The TV3 begins transmission to Norway and Denmark. Straix begins TV productions independently. Launch of the paid TV station television 1000. The TV3 reaches a 45% coverage in Sweden and has 90% of the TV ad population. Television Denmark launched and replaced the pan-Scandinavian one.

As TV3 Norway starts, every Nordic nation now has its own TV3 game. Viasat DTH launch of Viasat DTH paid TV satellites. Television 1000 merged with SF Succé, a rival. ZTV's first year as an independant broadcaster. Kinnevik's audiovisual businesses have a net income for the year. Hele Norge, a P4 station, will launch a nationwide broadcast station in Norway.

Worldwide Strix becomes the first company to offer the Survivor Real TV series.

The metro starts in Gothenburg. In Sweden, TV6 is relaunching as a pannordic payment service with the channels "TV6 Nature World" and "TV6 Action World". The MTG company purchases the TV station Kanal 31 from Latvia, which later becomes TV3 Latvia. The metro starts in Budapest. Capital, the montly magazin starts in Sweden. Acquisition of the TV8 commercial broadcaster in Sweden.

Start of the Viasat Sport station. Viasat Plus TV station in Norway goes live. The MTG acquires the Alfa TV station, which becomes Viasat3. The PIN24 launch takes place on Sky TV's UK TV plattform. The remainder of TV1000 is purchased by MTG from its mother company. The Viasat company has introduced its own dedicated satellites technology. The Viasat is the first Europe -wide free-to-air TV company to turn off analogue broadcasting of primeay TV following the success of the switchover to analogue TV.

PIN24, the PIN24 home buying service, is launching in Denmark. The MTG company has acquired 75% of the shares of the domestic TV station. Four new Viasat paid TV services are introduced in the Northern area. The number of Viasat DTH customers will rise to over 550,000 by the end of the year. The Viasat Sport Denmark and Viasat Explorer are introduced. Both TV1000 and the Baltics show their first profit for the year and TV-Shop turned around.

NDS VideoGuard and Viasat sign an alliance to combat counterfeiting. Start of the pay-TV stations TV 1000 East and Viasat Explorer in Eastern and Central Europe. The Viasat story starts in Eastern Europe. Market introduction of Sender1000 Action, Sender1000 Classics, Sender1000 Family and Sender1000 Nordic. 1. Successfully completed by Viasat implementing the new system.

9 percent of the BET24 bookmaker. The MTG also signed an arrangement with the NRJ Group to take over the leadership of 20 radios in Sweden (and 5 in Norway), bringing MTG's coverage of the domestic market to 83%. March sees CTC launched the Domashny TV programme in Russia. Start of the Russian-language film TV1000 TV Kino.

Start of MotorsportN in Norway. The TV1000 Balkans is launched. Kick-off of swedish launch of swedish version of TV6. The Viasat Sport East launch. The Viasat Golf starts in the northern hemisphere. Watch as TV6 starts in Latvia. The M2 in Bulgaria will be shut down. The Viasat 4 launch replaces ZTV in Norway. The Viasat company introduces high-definition TV in the Scandinavian states. Start of television6 in Estonia.

The TV1000 Premier starts in the Baltic States. Launch of Viasat 1 in Ghana. The Nova+ in Bulgaria is shut down. The Viasat Sport Baltic starts. Drama starts on TV 1000. The TV3 Puls is launched in Denmark. The Prima Cool race starts in the Czech Republic. Now Nova Sport starts in Bulgaria and replaces MM. The Prima Loves race starts in the Czech Republic.

M. A. P. starts its first manufacturing in Ghana. Nova cinema starts in Bulgaria and replaces Diema 2. The CTC was opened in the Baltic States. Viasat Film is the new name for all TV 1000 stations in Scandinavia. The Nova Premier League starts in Bulgaria. The Viasat engine starts in the Baltic States. Current TV6 Sweden, Viasat 4, Viasat Explorer, Viasat History, Viasat Nature, Viasat Crime and Viasat TV6 Sweden are all available in high definition.

NRJ Sweden was divested to SBS Sweden (ProSiebenSat.1). With TV3 Sport in Denmark 1. Operation of TV3 Sport 2 in Denmark. Run the high definition TV3 Denmark release. The TV6 was opened in Norway. The Nova Premier League in Bulgaria will be shut down. The Nova Sport HD starts in Bulgaria. The Diema Sport starts in Bulgaria. The Diema Sport 2 starts in Bulgaria.

The Ukrainian TV company MTG has divested 1+1 Media Group of 1+1 Media Group to 1+1 Media Group. In Latvia, the Russian-language TV5 station has shut down. MTG launches VisaSat 3-D. Raduga TV is closing, Russia's TV company launches 5 new high-definition TV stations. MTG is investing in the world's biggest sports company, ESL.

  • Front viasat with UHD channel -". Danmon builds Scandinavia's first UHD channel - LIVE-PRODUCTION.TV". MTG is selling MTG. MTG closes the MTG sale". TV3 MAX - new TV channel on MTG / Viasat af Bo Kjærgaard.

MTG is selling MTG. MTG is selling baltische Rundfunkanstalten for ? 115 million". Takeover of MTG operations in the Baltics region concluded; new company called All Media Baltics. It'?s The The Baltic Times. MTG, the holder of the European Securities Bank (ESL), starts a 30 million dollar gambling venture capital funds.

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