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Mortgage payment

Learn why the type of loan you use to finance a new home can affect your monthly mortgage payment. Register for bi-weekly payments, a free and convenient way to repay your mortgage faster. Is it possible to pay off my mortgage prematurely? Every time you pay extra on your mortgage, more of each payment is applied to your principal thereafter. See how much interest you can save by paying an additional amount with your mortgage payment.

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Notice: If you want to enroll a second credit, please log in to be able to include more credits in your area. Use of this website is for the benefit of the borrower/co-borrower. Third parties are not permitted to gain unauthorized use of this website unless you have obtained the prior written permission of the Mortgagor or Co Mortgagor. Forgotten your password?

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Wellcome to the website of My Loan! Should you have any queries regarding sensitive bank information, please do not hesitate to use one of the following ways to get in touch with our Credit Support department: Notice: Do not add any personally identifiable or sensitive information to the e-mail. Submit a safe messaging to Loan Servicing by signing into My Loan and choosing Safe Messages.

As a rule, all e-mails and safe e-mails are answered within 48 Stunden of receiving them. Email credit payment to: or change the email address: Download the automated payment formula below, fill it in and send it back. Register for bi-weekly mortgage repayments, a free and easy way to repay your mortgage faster. Download the bi-weekly automated payment formula below, enter the competition and send it back.

What are my mortgage repayments?

This website does not contain all major payment methods or all available payment methods. for FICO Score areas: None of these areas were offered by any map publisher. Please refer to the General Business Policy on the website of the issuing company for detailed information. As soon as you click on this request you will be redirected to the issuer's website where you will be able to consult the general business details of the payment before requesting it.

Payment options for mortgages

Payment of your mortgage can be made on-line, automated payment can be made, payment can be transferred to us, you can use your bank's invoice payment services or you can send your payment by post. One of the following payment options is available: It is the most common payment method for mortgages. This will help you prevent mortgage losses and delayed charges.

Immediate payment by e-mail (free of charge). They can make a one-time e-payment on-line with no charge or charge. Automatic telephone payment ($10.00 fee). Operator-assisted telephone payment ($19.00 fee). Call a support representative to help you make a one-time wire payment by telephone for $19. The invoice payment services of your local banking institution (usually free of charge, please contact your bank).

The majority of banks provide an automated invoice processing system. Postal address: If you wish, you can email us your mortgage payment. Make sure that you submit your payment in good time before the due date. Cheque or bank order payment. You do not need a voucher if you get a GreenBill Invoice.

Just write down your bank number on the cheque or payment order. Please pay to the above mentioned billing information at the above mentioned adress. Western-style union (fee determined by Western Union). Personal payment of your invoice is quick and simple with Western Union: You don't have to fill out a blank Western Union is informal.

Simply take your bank number to the point of sale, tell the seller the name of the firm you want to buy and the amount. An MTCN ( Money Transfer Control Number ) will be sent to you to trace your payment. The MoneyGram® (fee from MoneyGram). Payment in money is required for both your mortgage payment and the MoneyGram surcharge.

Pass the following information to MoneyGram:

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