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Mortgage Brokers, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We are the mortgage aggregator with the experience, technology and resources to build relationships with our brokers and grow together. ('nMB') is active as a mortgage wholesale company.

The National Mortgage Brokers Association

The Board shall also be responsible for ensuring that application for admission to the club meets the required standards set forth in these bylaws and shall examine and suggest changes in member requirement for each member grade and shall advise the Board of Directors on changes in the fee schedule. There shall be no less than five (5) members on the Committee who shall have a good reputation with the Association.

President appoints the Chairman of the Committee; the member's period of office begins with the establishment at the General Assembly.

National Mortgage Brokers Day | 2018-07-19-19 founded by AIME

Association of Independent Mortgage Experts, the new mortgage trading group, has just launched a new holiday: The National Mortgage Brokers' Day. Are mortgage brokers across the country going to get the credit they merit? First, the new public holidays will take place every 18 July until the end of the year.

At AIME, we created National Mortgage Brokers Day to - you may guess - honour US brokers by acknowledging and acknowledging the unparalleled value they add to the real estate buying proces. This new trading day is intended to raise public understanding of the advantages of working with an independant mortgage brokers instead of a conventional banking or private borrower.

In AIME' s view, mortgage brokers have not been adequately recognised in the past for their specialist knowledge, outstanding client care and important roles in the mortgage sector. In order to accelerate the acceptance of the holidays and put everyone in the festive mood, AIME has set up a website and will publish mortgage brokerage blog, sector information, resource link and opportunities to attend the holidays.

In fact, the group has even produced a "Thank-a-broker" e-card that circulates throughout the sector and spreads holidays throughout the world.

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Our services help you to establish your own brokerage operations. We are the mortgage aggregate with the expertise, engineering and capabilities to develop relations with our brokers and jointly thrive. BAP (Business and Action Plan) is a powerful instrument for determining your company's orientation and developing your own strategy to reach your objectives. Our unique nMB brokers benchmarking program allows you to directly benchmark your company against your competitors using set of metrics to gain visibility and track your company's success.

The NIBS is a structural programme that enables financiers, such as bookkeepers and schedulers, to offer their customers a mortgage offer while at the same time generating extra income. Whether you're just getting started or looking for a clean slate, we can help brokers throughout their mortgage brokerage careers.

I have had a very strong working relationship with us and have contributed to the company's expansion and evolution. First of all, I built a relation with us because I already worked with the executive group. Every senior manager has been well respected in the mortgage sector, not only for his broad sector expertise, but also for his professionality and likeable personality.

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