National Mortgage Rates Chart

Table of national mortgage rates

Mortgage interest rates and yields and other capital markets. A comparison of average interest rates on savings, deposits and loans with credit cooperatives (CUs) and banks. The graph shows how changes in mortgage rates affect the loan amount. The mortgage interest rate required by FannieMae (Federal National Mortgage Corporation). United Wholesale Mortgage, a national lending institution.

Mortgages rise to 2-year high

According to Freddie Mac's Primary Mortgage Market Survey, the national 30-year interest rates on mortgages rose to a two-year high of 4.51% for the 11 July period. Recent rates were so high in July 2011 when they reached 4.55 percent. It was based on speculations that the Fed would soon cut its borrowing programme following the June job market bust.

"June's heavy job activity resulted in more bullish speculations that the Fed will cut back sovereign debt buying in the near term, leading to rising bonds and mortgage yields," Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac's senior economic affairs executive, said in a newsflash. "In June, the business sector created 195,000 additional positions, more than the projected level of consumer confidence, while the last two months' revision has created 70,000 new positions.

Meanwhile, in the transcripts of the Federal Reserve's 18-19 June IMF Governing Council published on 10 July, it was noted that "many members indicated that a further improving of the labour markets prospects was needed before it was appropriate to decelerate the rate of borrowing".

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